Kid Rock - Cowboy (Enhanced Video)

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Cowboy (Enhanced Video)
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I just realized he sang CaliPORNia 😂
Donna Perkins:
Kid Rock is the best! He's a real COWBOY!
Ethen Black:
that's why I like the cat would it be a cowboy baby that's why I love football
Greg Jones:
kid rocks guitar player is awesome. underated, in my youth guitar players were almost frontmen. this guy is phenominal........
Ice Cube:
who's here because of Kurt Schlichter?
Marlon Branton:
Kid Rock got me to listening to Rap music
Melissa Edwards:
I say, William "Vote for him when you can son!!"
Mike Dziak:
I just experienced the same thing. Feels good don't it. Thanks to this amazing country we can have incredible music like this. Peace
Ronda Kilgore:
is it possible he knew Carl Petersen?
Thomas W:
"Senator Kid Rock."

I'm down with that.
LETS do this KID!!!! YOU have so many backing YOU!!!!!!!!
"I ain't straight outta Compton, I'm straight from the trailer"

Nothing says "trailer" like an upper-middle class home sitting on 5 acres of land with an apple orchard, tennis court, and a guest house that was all recently sold for $3.3 million. That's quite the expensive trailer, Kid.

I can't believe I used to fall for this B.S. con when I was younger, and I also can't help but be amused at the hilarious irony of the lyric "I can smell a pig from a mile away", yet supports the good ole boys and gals in blue. Kid Rock... you were "cool" when I was younger, but as I've grown into being a mature developed smart adult, I'm not that naive and impressionable anymore. You're a manipulator, fraud, fake, and a general piece of trash on the psyche of humanity. You weren't born in the country, you never lived in the hood, you aren't a gangsta, you're not a redneck, you're just a con-man who cons and exploits people by using their culture and giving off the illusion that you're relatable to make money that was already appearing in your crib the moment you were born. You'd have to be the biggest idiot on the planet to vote for this liar and phony as a state senator.
none of this has anything to do with cowboys
rose tryon:
When it say "cowboy baby" its sounds kinda like austin powers

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