Kyree Walker Meets James Logan HS(Students Be Giggin'!) FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS

>>WhoGotNext>>Kyree Walker Meets James Logan HS(Students Be Giggin'!) FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS
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20 Mike:
That was the most awkward court rush ever lol and Kyree ass
Alec Mertens:
Kyree tries to act so cool. He's way to cocky😂
Bruce Grover:
Defense is atrocious omg. Kyree is not even their best player. He needs to
be able to move without the ball and get a jump shot. This isn't middle
school and you aren't the biggest anymore. Has the talent and athleticism
but really has to fine tune his game. Overall, they need to preach defense
in high school basketball. This is crazy! These kids don't care who scores
on them. No pride!!
Kyree kid need a new school. Draws a lot of attention but don't mean
nothing if his team can't score off of it
Gabriel Medina:
Kyree is playing my school tommorow, washington high, in fremont
Harlems Gunna:
#11 acts like he doesn't have teammates
Joshua Smith:
Dang kyree walker team is butt😂😂
Kylan Selmer:
Cmon Kyree u gotta eat this ain't middle school hoops💯
What is #21's name he is good and really smart
Salvitore Shepherd:
Was kyree actually playing his age group? Cuz he struggled to get anything
off the entire game 😕
Wow this looks like its straight out of one of those American movies I used
to watch growing up. Kids look happy these days.
Terry Scott:
Is 21 jeremy lins brother? Serious
Vinson Mccrea:
I'm so glad you posted this footage. It showed just how overrated this kid
Kyree Walker really is and how undeserving he is of the ranking he has. Not
one bit of defense was played by him (did you see his stance?). Outside of
his jumpshot, he does nothing offensively. He can't put any pressure on the
defense because he's not confident in his handle or ability to finish. He
barely set any of his teammates up with all that b-line driving to the rim.
He needs to hit the gym and work on that footwork asap. His change of
direction is awwwwwwwwwfullllllllll. He only has potential because of his
size. Hopefully he humbles himself and grinds or else he's just gonna be
William Jones:
kyree come to the cavs bro (osn voice) 😂😂😂😂
kill myself:
kyree never gonna play in the NBA

    James Logan hadn't beat Moreau Catholic since the 2013-14 season. They got an early lead on Moreau & kept fighting... We were definitely feeling the vibe of the Logan students that game also! They're dope.

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