Kyree Walker Meets James Logan HS(Students Be Giggin'!) FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS

>>WhoGotNext>>Kyree Walker Meets James Logan HS(Students Be Giggin'!) FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS
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Kyrie is soooo overrated, he's so average when he plays kids with his same size
Alexander Lopez:
Kyree's team being killed by mulan
Chris Orr:
yall sayin kyree average, but hes going to be like 6'8 when hes done growing and he is only a freshman (I know hes 16) and he will keep improving as he plays kids closer to his size
Coach Dawson:
Kyree Walk is so shit he has no idea how to play real basketball.
damn why these niggas getting roasted so hard lol
Jason Gilbert:
Look how no one talks about him anymore
Jrod 69:
I do agree the he looks average against these guys but i mean hes still a freshman
Kobe Nwosu 248:
That guy in the beginning dancing 😂😂😂😂😂👌
Mahamadou Waggeh:
number 11 is there best player not kyree
Sam D:
Shout outs to JLHS with the W let's go colts
Tommy Gregwer:
He's as old as Zion Williamson, let that sink in
Westside_DeeDonn Harris:
A 6'5 freshman guard , with incredible potential. 21 pt avg a game on a weak team.. I seen this kid play . He needs to transfer.. whoever said he's overrated don't know basketball. Connor is good also.. kyree just had a off game. . He is the future.
j'd emm!:
when u have to make chicken and rice at 7,but ball is life (#21)
xia xu:
I swear number 21 on red dropped at least 20. He Asian too.

    James Logan hadn't beat Moreau Catholic since the 2013-14 season. They got an early lead on Moreau & kept fighting... We were definitely feeling the vibe of the Logan students that game also! They're dope.

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