Viola Davis introduces Meryl Streep Lifetime Achievement Award - Golden Globe Awards 2017

>>JN Vídeos>>Viola Davis introduces Meryl Streep Lifetime Achievement Award - Golden Globe Awards 2017
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Alfred Neuman:
Keep in mind that the Golden Globes, and the Oscars, practice extreme vetting for security reasons, and the show venues are encased in a massive "wall" of security. Also, many of the stars protesting immigration policies have walls around their own homes. Such incredible hypocrisy.
All there is IS LOVE:
Wow what a beautiful long elegant graceful feminine modest neck NOT ..... it a huge thick country chunky masculine tough rough angry neck to match her bitter evolved personality. She was so elegant meek feminine on the deer hunter and Kramer BUT NOW a hardened wagon. SAD. I used to like her. Now she too hardened too much testosterone and very masculine and mannish and unattractive. Poor Gummy Gum wears her big granny knickers now and she wears the walloping size 18 pants with a reinforced gusset !! She changed and hardened for the worse. What is wrong with soft kind honest intelligent femininity. She a 1/2 man now.
Amber Cherise:
I love that when Meryl said, "Ryan Gosling", Ryan's eyebrows perked up as if to say, "Oh, crap. What did I do?"
Clayne Fold:
How right Viola is when she talked about Meryl Streep as a thief! I think this is most odd to point up this "superior quality". As far as i'm concerned, there are better values to highlight in today's society: to produce or to feed for example. To steal requires to be empty at first. It's a lack of personality. I know that Meryl Streep thinks that it could bring empathy and we actually need that. But,  i believe Viola was talking about a research an actor would lead for self-awareness. Certainly, to steal from others gives her her acting talent and  a popular beauty. But not more than that. Of course, beauty and art are wonderful objectives but the way to get there troubles me. I have always appreciated Meryl Streep's true worth but in this stage, she wanted obviously to play God. She risked going too far and has discovered there are some limits...The thing that she does with the sheet of paper at the beginning is weird. If she thought it was ridiculous to complicate things, why did she want to preach a sermon? It's like she was going to tell us "It is another simple performance of mine; it doesn't mean a lot to me". In fact, she wouldn't have the legitimacy to do such a sermon. For many years, I have been reluctant to agree variations on the main theme of religion. Today, I think there is a God but I can't stop myself from thinking "How these people dare to talk on his behalf!" Imagine one second that, in some way, a person was given by God the legitimacy to talk, how people would treat that individual in 2017? They would put him to the test waiting for magic to happen or there could be a room for humility and trust. Would we be capable of protecting him without expecting anything in return and considering him for a significant human being?
Derick Mason:
Meryl clearly has an evil side to her that may define her more than her acting talents.
He inappropriate and false remarks about Trump show how disgusting and classless she can be.    
   I am proud to be from the group that stood behind Trump and against the corruption of the Clinton Cartel.  The Trump group includes the US Military which overwhelmingly voted for Trump. These are the people that give their lives to protect our freedoms. These are the people that are passionate about their love of country. Unlike the filthy rich, out of touch Hollywood types, the military leadership opinion means something.
     Also the Christian community which overwhelmingly supported Trump, in part to prevent the Godless Hillary from forcing abortion on a faith that is against it.  Her determination to force Christians to pay for abortion through income tax revenues was against the 1st amendment, and pure evil.  As Mother Teresa once said, "If abortion is not evil, then what is?" Also for their respect for Trump who is not afraid to speak of God and ignore the popular gaging called "political correctness" (which means think and say what the Government wants you to think and say).
     Also the jobless and poor who supported Trump in huge numbers, who need and seek decent employment so that they can support their families.  Trump is giving them HOPE! Trump, as promised, is preventing good jobs from leaving this country and getting commitments from companies to bring back jobs that are already gone. His economic plan is working and businesses are expanding. Hillary gave them lies while selling out our country.  She collected millions for her pay to play foundation which has turned out to be one of the biggest scams ever (Her daughter Chelsea is being paid $900,000 a year to manage the foundation). By the way, Hillary has been fined for financial fraud in the past. She was also forced to return the furniture and art she had removed from the white house when she and Bill left.
     Also the retired and elderly who also supported Trump in large numbers, who struggle to survive because their savings are not generating any income.  Suddenly the stock market is at record levels, and not because Obama is pumping money into the market to artificially make it look good, but because there is new hope in the economic structure and future of our country. 
     To the vast majority of small business owners that supported Trump because change was necessary to survive. Businesses that were over regulated and over taxed are now getting relief, expanding and hiring.
     Amazing things happen when you turn your back on evil and support those leaders that are against it. The bible says that a Godly nation is a blessed nation. It is time to get united and work together to restore this great nation.  United we stand, divided we fall!
HDpush Videos:
I think the Golden Globe Awards should not have any walls or fences or security next year they should let anybody in that wants to come in definitely illegals that have snuck in and have no ids or background checks should get front-row otherwise these actors are racist and bigoted I wonder if any of these actors have fences around their properties or if they have front doors on their houses that have locks and they can see who is coming into their house before they let them in.
Irving Benson:
why is it a famous person from hollywood can be a child rapist and he is looked upon as being a hero? Meryl S seems to think so.
Jason Hillstrom:
Meryl Streep is an ugly woman. Her nose and mouth are crooked. She's not a real blonde either. Viola is much better looking than her.
Little Monster:
If uneducated people aka degenerates aka morally inferior people aka poor and regressive aka racists, can say things like and raise signs like "you deserve rape," why can't people that are better say things that have class and are true?
Mr Troll:
In an effort to gain attention, Meryl and celebrities alike will say just about anything to sound more empathetic to the world's problems. Reality is they care less about what they're saying and more about how its received to the viewer, existing and potential fans. Regardless of their personal view, this is for their own personal interest of being more likable. It's tiring to watch someone accept an award and use world matters as material to connect to others on a deeper level to once again be more 'likable'. Some of these actors/actresses may have even voted for Trump themselves but its popular now to hop the ban wagon in the popular trend of saying 'Fuck Trump'. It's an act and even if it is true to what they believe, they still fail to realize that The Obama Administration bombed 5 out of 7 of the same countries in the most recent travel ban and again it was The Obama Administration that listed all 7 countries as terrorist nations in their own Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015.
Perdue Queen Gatea:
And Hollywood is full of paedophiles So many actor's lives ruined
Virtual Insanity:
Viola, enough, darling, we got it. You will be liking her ass backstage! Colm down! But you still will be a black ape for Meril Streep, don't waste your time! ;o)
chris alvarado:
fuck that bitch and everyone applauding that bullshit
joel Tester:
what i would say about Mrs. Streeps comments as well as all these delusional people, is they are complaining because someone is trying to make it harder for terrorist to get into the country. and why aren't they standibg up for tge American Indians, and there continued fight for there equAlity and the rights to the land that was left to them by the treaty that was forced on them over 150 years ago. i mean they are complaining about people that by their belief in religion is to kill Americans. these are the people who have ruined America. during WW-2, all people of Japanese descent was placed in internment camps for the protection of America, and the people here. these guy are more concerned about all the people outside of America when they should be worried about Americans. what will they say when tertorism comes to them. or one they love. all these people are turnig thier backs on the country. America is not the country of people in the middle east, for the simple reason Ametica is fundamentally and founded on Christianity, and by principle believe a muslim cannot coexist with Christians so why do they want to come here, but to kill Americans. wake up you idiots, or soon it will fall on you. we should deport all muslims and do as all other countries do in the case of immigration. if your caught sneaking in Pakistan or any other countries in that region you face at least prison, and possibly death. but America has been raped and ruined by all these people and liked minded individuals. i hope they terrorists vist all of the maybe at the oscars that way they all can huge the bAstards thats is going to blast them.
"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up",

Is this Charades, Meryl, Ooh i know, I know, are you playing the part of a virtue signalling champagne socialist pretending to care about disabled "marginalized people" from your all elite Hollywood home.

    Meryl Streep Lifetime Achievement Award speech - Golden Globe Awards 2017