Sexy Sofia Vergara Funny Golden Globes Joke Blooper

>>CrazyLaughAction>>Sexy Sofia Vergara Funny Golden Globes Joke Blooper
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Sofia Vergara,Golden Globes,Blooper,Funny,Joke

Alfee Rahaman:
That dress! That dress! That dress! I want it!
Alivi Yeptho:
ur mistakes makes you more beautiful. u sofia keep doing mistakes
Chapman !:
Ang sarap nya besss💦💦😝
Devarati Ghosh:
Wait, was she taking her accent at the beginning?
Fly with me:
It even gets funnier when you watch it again..and again..and again..😂😂😂
I love Sofia!
Speak English slut! every one knows you got to be there through sucking cocks and open your legs! Just another Latin prostitute in the media! Never like her!
Katharina Littleperson:
when she said "ah sorry, I didn't mean anal" it seemed like she suddenly had lost her accent
Kelly897 Booo:
" sexy " sophia vergara? Seriously? Are you an animal?
Mahdi Awadh:
she must like it in the butthole
Max Caulfield:
that joke was horrible but that wink was just.... Damn.
I have a traditional anus. Very standard. *shrugs*
Sara 634:
She reminds me on Melania Trump a little bit.
Listen I'm seriously not into anal but that wink turned me so on damn
she got ordered to say that by Weinsteinns bodies. I bet they do her ass on a regular basis thats how the corrupted pyramid works.
pham ngoc:
For those who criticized her, of course it’s not a joke she made on her own, it’s the golden globe, everything is written on a script

    Sexy Sofia Vergara makes a funny joke blooper while presenting at the Golden Globes.