Sexy Sofia Vergara Funny Golden Globes Joke Blooper

>>CrazyLaughAction>>Sexy Sofia Vergara Funny Golden Globes Joke Blooper
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Sofia Vergara,Golden Globes,Blooper,Funny,Joke

Alejandro Barrios:
amo a Soria vergara eres la mejor orgullo de latino america
I have a traditional anus. Very standard. *shrugs*
Bad Boy:
She got golden globes without any nominations. .. 😉😉😉
Devarati Ghosh:
Wait, was she taking her accent at the beginning?
Kurt Hectic:
ouw i would give her anal any time she wants
Two golden globes for Sofia Vergara.
Beautiful Sofia in beautiful dress.
Oriol Riera:
she has got THE REAL golden globes
Potato War:
The best thing that came from
Colombia since cocaine
Sara 634:
She reminds me on Melania Trump a little bit.
yes I also want to have anal with her
Valentina Valero:
y de repente español 😂😂😂
Yeiki Sanderz:
i was thinking how it feels to pretend to be bad at a language just to maintain a character when one's really an expert.
gizzycat cat:
This stupid idiot just embarrassed the entire continent of Latin America. She is not funny here, she just makes herself look like a cheap latina whore who sucks cock for crack. What a fucking dumb cunt. All the men and dildo's she's had up her sloppy shithole must have made her think she was funny. What a disgusting pig, FUCK YOU BITCH.
mahdi Hani:
she must like it in the butthole

    Sexy Sofia Vergara makes a funny joke blooper while presenting at the Golden Globes.