Sexy Sofia Vergara Funny Golden Globes Joke Blooper

>>CrazyLaughAction>>Sexy Sofia Vergara Funny Golden Globes Joke Blooper
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Alfee Rahaman:
That dress! That dress! That dress! I want it!
Alivi Yeptho:
ur mistakes makes you more beautiful. u sofia keep doing mistakes
Amerika Garcia:
Her accent is horrible but she's so pretty I remember seeing her grow in the Mexican channel now she's here she made it
😆 I think she mispronounced the girls’ names too 😂 and that wasn’t on purpose! The hilarious Sofia!
Kelly897 Booo:
" sexy " sophia vergara? Seriously? Are you an animal?
Max Caulfield:
that joke was horrible but that wink was just.... Damn.
Morales Teresita:
It’s not funny at all. It was a huge mistake !! Nobody jokes with the annus.... People were mocking her.
She looks very nervous .
Prince Dubai:
I want to suck your milky boobs sexy sofia baby...
S Mohsin:
Listen I'm seriously not into anal but that wink turned me so on damn
Sabrina Enchantress:
comment section is full of rasicts😂🖕
Scio te diligam te et liber fieri:
She’s a DUDE folks !

Flipped Script!
she got ordered to say that by Weinsteinns bodies. I bet they do her ass on a regular basis thats how the corrupted pyramid works.
airis carason:
You can tell by that wink that she joking about it 😂😂😂
krishna L:
She did it on purpose. The actual joke here is that gringos believe she actually made a mistake 😂😂😂
pham ngoc:
For those who criticized her, of course it’s not a joke she made on her own, it’s the golden globe, everything is written on a script

    Sexy Sofia Vergara makes a funny joke blooper while presenting at the Golden Globes.