LaMelo Ball BACKS DOWN FROM NO ONE! The Confidence Is STRONG With This One!

>>BallislifeWest>>LaMelo Ball BACKS DOWN FROM NO ONE! The Confidence Is STRONG With This One!
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Best part of the whole video is that wild rat tail at 12:36
David Dial:
Lol is chino hills sponsored by Adidas?!?
crazy ass nigga screaming 6:14 lmao
James Ingram:
so niggas is pulling from half court now
Jonathan Mabry:
When I was in 5th grade I was in the 6th grade tournament team avenging 24.2 pts
Mista Meme:
his shot kinda looks liek a chestpass
Ruben Ruvalcaba:
Makes it look to easy
He can probably average
50 points a game if he wants to
Watch out MJ
I never seen him miss
Ok maybe 1 or 2 times
That's it
Ryan Kuehl:
I'm tired of seeing CH playing crappy teams. Do they seriously not coach kids how to play defense anymore? It's pathetic to watch.
Spaghetti Phobe:
He can shoot from any where and is only a sophomore... talent
He'd be a solid D1 Point Guard right now!
Tacos W:
id back away from those eyebrows goddamn
Turtles 13:
Two questions for lamelo first how does he do that and how r u gonna wear the hat on draft night
Zack Troyer vlogs:
anyone else watching and thinking was 24 will pluima
alexander b:
LaMelo Ball good shooter no defense cherry picking will be ok in college but a bust in the nba
LaMelo is what happens if White Chocolate, Reggie Miller and Lionel Ritchie had a kid.

    Here are full highlights of LaMelo Ball from the 2016 Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational. LaMelo Ball is the the most confident 10th grader we've have ever filmed at Ballislife over the past 11 seasons as you will see in this video.