LaMelo Ball BACKS DOWN FROM NO ONE! The Confidence Is STRONG With This One!

>>Ballislife West>>LaMelo Ball BACKS DOWN FROM NO ONE! The Confidence Is STRONG With This One!
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he's nice with the pill, I think he's going to be even better then his
older brother because he can already pass and shoot as a 10th grader. once
his body develope a lil more it's going to be a wrap.
AngryTurtle Gaming:
Shot IQ= 0

They're still fun to watch though.
Dalton Foreman:
Obviously he is signed to UCLA for a reason. Half of y'all in the comments
section saying everything negative about him but he still has a brighter
future than majority of y'all hating why not just sit back and enjoy the
show. Give credit where credit is due. He is very crafty around the rim and
you can't say he doesn't do this on a daily basis. Thats what Ballislife is
trying to show you morons. Ignorance is bliss my friends.
David Dial:
Lol is chino hills sponsored by Adidas?!?
Honestly the west is really soft and small just look who he playing with
their varsity built like a middle school team
Gus Robinson:
This kid is something else men he's better than Julian Newman now this kid
is amazing the jumpshot, handles, passing, Iq, and just swagger and skill
on the court is too much 👌🏀💯 aye I don't mean to start a argument on the
Julian Newman thing he's good too 🏀🤘💯
Jamosan Noodles:
his shot kinda looks liek a chestpass
John Smith:
High school star athletes are a dime a dozen. There are only thousands of
pro athletes for a reason.
Jonathan Mabry:
When I was in 5th grade I was in the 6th grade tournament team avenging
24.2 pts
Selina Lopez:
I enjoy watching these brothers there pretty talented n maybe they will
make it bigger ha
Tacos W:
id back away from those eyebrows goddamn
Vas T:
Mr Ball, can I get a signed shirt from all 3 brothers? .I'm a big fan.
Wayne Clark:
When I saw him pull from half court I knew I didn't like his style, that is
selfish show boating crap
why do i kept on receiving this garbage? this kid is overrated.
What shoes is Lamelo wearing 5:14?

    Here are full highlights of LaMelo Ball from the 2016 Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational. LaMelo Ball is the the most confident 10th grader we've have ever filmed at Ballislife over the past 11 seasons as you will see in this video.