Clemson fans reaction to final play of Natty

>>mrhitlerballs>>Clemson fans reaction to final play of Natty
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14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left:
nothin' like Bammie gettin curbstomped!
Andrew Lopez:
hold camera higher next time please.....don't wanna see a video of some guys jacket
Big Sky:
that poor microphones will.never function right again
I wasn't that far from where this was recorded
Lester Nester:
Sounded as loud as the Valley. Well done!
Matt Eudy:
that catch was awesome but this is the worst at-the-game version I've seen by far. I would not have posted this.
This was actually great footage, I don't get why any of the dumbasses below would complain about it or give a shit! Tech / gadget geek dorks, I guess. Please don't ever take this video down.
Tacos & Gold Chainz:
was this shot on a Moto Razr? lol

    Clemson is better than Bama