Darius Rucker - Alright

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - Alright
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Akita Orr:
my brother got his name from darius rucker my baby brother is named darius orr awww and this song is a month older then my baby brother i love this song now ;( ;)
DJ Deckard Cain:
I don't usually listen to country; but when I do, it's Darius Rucker.
Gabriel Corporan:
Who are the morons that dislike This song
Holmette 42:
Jaffason sanusu:
Jaffari sanusu Darius I like your music especially that song I feel it🎸
Jimmy Gangster:
I honestly am not a fan of country music, I don't consider myself country, maybe half city half country, but one day at work I got bored of listening to the repeated songs they play 100000000000000 times a day on the rock/metal station (which is what I usually listen to) I switched to the country station and couldn't help but to keep on listening. I'm not a huge fan of the music style itself, but listening to the words, they just packed such a punch for me.
Jonathan McKeggie:
I agree. Underated, but it says it all. We are lucky if we have these simple things.
Kayla Reyes:
Played this Song on repeat it's alright by me
Kenny Kwade:
I listen to rap and hip hop, but I grew up on this music and I still love and know all the lyrics.
Michael Barber:
I met this wonderful man after so many abusive heartbreaking relationships, although it's only been a few months with God leading us both I feel we have a really good chance, it's hard letting my wall down but the affection he gives me is so unbelievable, I love you Mike
Paul Muley:
Is there a better feel good song? Don't think so hard. No! ;-)
Samantha Cazier:
Still the best country song ever, never gets old
"Don't judge someone by the color of their skin, judge them by the content of their character"

Weston Henderson:
The beach in the beginning looks like gta 5 but anyway great song
stuart wrigglesworth:
Fantastic band and fantastic. Song,

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Music video by Darius Rucker performing Alright.