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😮😮 Birkhoff!! I do so wish they'd pick up Nikita 😥
Angel Blaze:
it was good it kept me entertained. and i liked the plot wasn't expecting it
Bonnie Bowman:
Why is this movie no longer on Netflix?!
ah acting wasn't bad...but the story just didn't connect i guess? Got kinda boring at one point, long story short don't watch it lol
Jim Carrey:
could anyone tell me why Alex hunts dr.Jane the hall movie and finally punish her ?
It's a haint!!!! Theys a haint in the holla!!!! HOLLA IF YA HAINT!!!!!
Miss Kobayashi:
If i like american horror story would i enjoy this?
волны внешней энергии проводятся в наш мир не с целью «спасения человечества», а для того, чтобы общий частотный уровень этого мира не входил в полный диссонанс с частотным уровнем других миров этой планеты
Ricardo Floriano:
this movie will trip you out but uts amazing i did like it. No spoilers ....The end is unfinished thats all but i give it 8.5/10
Toni White:
Other good things to watch on Netflix   ????????????????????
Travis Jones:
she fucking the actor luke in second deathrace movie
William Waddell:
most dumbest psychiatrist ever and taking medication and washing it down with wine too wtf. also her patients aren't allowed medication as she doesn't believe in medication, she a fucking hypocrite. I was hoping she would get killed.
no entiendo el final.. porque la señora se sorprende al ver al señor sentado??
Not a bad movie, good for a watch if you're bored.
top songs:
is there anyone who want to tell me the top scarry movies

    A psychologist's horrifying encounter with a disturbed young patient continues to haunt her — causing her to question her own sanity as her visions of the past become increasingly more visceral. Now Streaming on Netflix.


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Clinical | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix