Chris Brown - Grass Ain't Greener

>>ChrisBrownVEVO>>Chris Brown - Grass Ain't Greener
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Chris Brown,Grass Ain't Greener,R&B,RCA Records Label

- ThatDamSavage:
Sure as hell ain' bbydddy just got bonded out!! Aint nann hoe help him to get out! 1Truth
S.W.Detroit KYRA 😍😜😎😘💱✈🎴🎥📹🎼🎧🎲💻💺🚘🍶⛵💎📡Downing.L.Reese💱
Ahniya Farrow:
who don't like Chris Brown 😍
Amani Bacy:
who else noticed the song they playin is Whippin By Chris Brown and Migos.
Ava Whitmill:
anybody else loving how Chris Brown talk
Breezy 0fficial:
my channel got delete at 158 subscribers 😢so my goal for my new Channel is too get 100 subscribers and when I do I will be posting a bunch of videos and shout outs, so let's do this!
Djerfaoui Mohamed:
honestly i Heard This Song When it First came Out it was Cool To Me i Liked it But Now holly Fucking jesus im in Love With this Song and i Think its One Of the Best songs Chris ever Made 😍
Izilda Mariano:
quero todas as músicas do Chris brawn eu amo todas suas músicas ele é espetacular amo amo amo amo
Miracle Chapman:
I Love This Song! Good Job Chris Brown
Ria Jose:
Didn't think I can love a song so much !!!! 😀
Shanette Gordon:
batty man Chris Brown who have hiv stop ask for chicken baby herdez and stinking pussy maya chris brown Osama bin laden Fuck ur butt too even stinking mouth Michael Jackson who Fucking Jamaican starbwoy aka James
Slindelo Mahlangu:
woke up n felt the need to listen to this song 😍
Tommyesenia TURNER:
Love wall to wall, all the foot moves, from Tommyesenia
Vinquez Smith:
royalty might dance like Chris Brown
amberly belieber:
learned the dance lml self taught dancer

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