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Adam Mikhail:
I miss you so much. Hours feel like days and days feel like weeks. How i wish I was in your arms. I am sorry if i love you too hard. Its just me. When I love someone I will give my all. I just hope you will love me as much as I love you someday
Ana Othman:
33oC here, but too cold because need you now 💞
Carlos Campo:
Hermosa canción me trae muchos recuerdos
I'll Show You Annoying:
I am on my mom's phone right now, they were arguing and we're breaking up with each other and he was at the bottom apartment floor and we were on the top, I was trying to convince her to not break up with him because I truly new she still loved him, along time ago she showed me this song and said this song is their special song so I thought of a idea to play this for her and it was playing and she called him upstairs and she told him she loves him
Lee Ferguson:
Had to watch an old video to remind me how pretty Hillary USED to be...DAMN girl saw your newest video...YOU GOT FAT! QUIT HAVING SO MANY KIDS!! YOUR SHADOW WEIGHS 20 LBS!!
Lesly Angelly Vila Alejos:
Me recuerdo que hace seis años cuando me separe del papa de mi hija escuchaba esta canción :( y no me acordaba el tema y después de muchos años la encontré es lo mas hermoso que he escuchado
Moon 21:
I am still listening in 2018. I love you.
Rhae Putrianka:
It just me or this song remind me of taylor swift song
Romeo Christian:
I need you now my muffin 😍😘💜💙❤
Ross Brown:
My ex secretly dedicated this song to me. He was the love of my life, my first love, and my first everything.

He broke up with me because he said he deserved better. That hurt me so much and I promised becauseof the pain he caused me I would never ever date him again. My heart was in so much pain.

He later kept trying to talk to me and trying to go out with me, again. I guess it didn't work out for him.

It's been 6 years and it still hurts me what he did to me.

I just hope he is happy 😔😔😔😔😔.
Shannon Qa:
to my firts love A
i need you too...
This song is amazing to listen to in rainy days.
nobody will read this and honestly dont care...I am in love with my girlfriend who recently ended the relationship and wants to stay friends. I just dont want to lose her but I cant stand being friends
joven infante:
2018 and still loving this. One of the best!
putri ertania:
Me and your childs.. we're just need you now 😭

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