Ball Brothers vs Duplechan Brothers! Chino Hills vs Sheldon HYPE Championship Game! Full Highlights!

>>Ballislife>>Ball Brothers vs Duplechan Brothers! Chino Hills vs Sheldon HYPE Championship Game! Full Highlights!
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Chino Hills vs Oak Hill Academy EPIC GAME Full highlights:
Bryan Mercado:
At 9:21, Number 0 just levitated. He on some other shit
Daniel Wong:
Why doesn't Lamelo play any defense?
FudgeeBarrz321 Lontoc:
Damn, Liangelo gotta work on his post game
Heavyplease -:
9:27 the guy on the right- when you miss a layup 😂
gelo will be the bust out of the 3 guaranteed
Luke Hutchings:
I swear the ball brothers dad yells "and one" even if there isn't anybody near them
Patrick Armijo:
Lonzo Ball gonna be as good as Chris Paul. LiAngelo Ball gonna be like Klay Thompson and Lamelo is gonna be like Kobe Bryant
Raul Diaz:
I feel bad for liangelo.. I'm a middle child myself.. but he is just too chubby to be an elite nba player
Seo-Yoon Jeong:
11:35 isn't that double dribble??
TheBatmanGamer- MCPE:
Liangelo Wasn't This Bad When Lonzo Was Still On The Team..
how come i don't see all these misses from the ball brothers ?.......
XxCookie SlayerxX:
How to shoot like Lamelo throw ball in air and hope for best
Why you always zooming in on dudes in the stands? And to make matters worse you're always zooming in on the same dudes. Right after a huge play always tryna see what nigga is looking at you. You thought they were cute or something ?
typical tuckerr:
Oh my gosh, they'd be so good if they'd play defense.

    Chino Hills and Sheldon faced off for the Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational championship tonight. The game was a close battle for the first three quarters as the Elishja and Isaiah Duplechan put Sheldon on their back but LiAngelo, LaMelo and company proved too much at the end as they once again closed out the game strong. LiAngelo Ball won MVP of the tournament while the rest of Chino's starting 5 won all-tournament honors. The Duplechan brothers won all-tournament honors as well.

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