Ball Brothers vs Duplechan Brothers! Chino Hills vs Sheldon HYPE Championship Game! Full Highlights!

>>Ballislife>>Ball Brothers vs Duplechan Brothers! Chino Hills vs Sheldon HYPE Championship Game! Full Highlights!
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Adrian Lopez:
sheldon will see chino hills again soon in playoffs
Andrew Mok:
#0 reminds me of Draymond Green so much
Chino Hills vs Oak Hill Academy EPIC GAME Full highlights:
Brett Goss:
"This kid is overrated" no the fuck he's not he's a beast very talented point guard
Ciara Bands:
It's amazing how butthurt niggas get over high school basketball. Like if I said "fuck chino hills" and you respond and get mad then you need a fuckin life and stop riding a HIGH SCHOOL teams dick. Like they ain't payin your bills. Stop fuckin gettin butthurt cause people don't fuck with them. Y'all take it personal😂😂😂
Felix Embacher:
LaMelo takes soo many stupid shots
Golden Limit:
I think LaMelo had an off day when he played this game
Jeffrey Robles:
#11 pretty valuable he be running up and down the court and his Defence is on point as well
Jonathan Tipton:
the more I watch Chino hills highlights the more number 21 and number 0 look like better college prospects than the two Ball brothers.
Josh Feller:
I don't like this basketball because every time they have the ball they travel
They are not even as good as Lebron or Carmelo during their high school years. They can't compete with NBA with their body built and limited athletics, and their shooting percentage is not that good either. Overhyped kids gets used by aspiring youtube vlogger wannabe to get subscribers and get money. OVERHYPED, OVEPRICED... call it whatever you want but they are not worth it.
RBondi 88787:
Lamelo ball won't try on defense

CHINO OR JULIAN NEWMAN ????????????????????????????????
Ugly Banana:
Do they ever shoot free throws?
james reeves:
Every time you see someone shoot, or go for a lay up, you always hear this one dude in the backround "and one" hahaha

    Chino Hills and Sheldon faced off for the Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational championship tonight. The game was a close battle for the first three quarters as the Elishja and Isaiah Duplechan put Sheldon on their back but LiAngelo, LaMelo and company proved too much at the end as they once again closed out the game strong. LiAngelo Ball won MVP of the tournament while the rest of Chino's starting 5 won all-tournament honors. The Duplechan brothers won all-tournament honors as well.

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