Ball Brothers vs Duplechan Brothers! Chino Hills vs Sheldon HYPE Championship Game! Full Highlights!

>>Ballislife>>Ball Brothers vs Duplechan Brothers! Chino Hills vs Sheldon HYPE Championship Game! Full Highlights!
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3 Amigos:
Does lamello even know how to play D
Andrew Blitz:
How is melo going d1 he plays the worst defense I've ever seen
Bruh Bruh:
Lamelo runs like a little bitch
Chris Broughton:
Lamelo you can't go to college wit that weak defense
Chris Cunningham:
#3 for Chino Hills is a god damn tank
Curry ruined modern basketball
Its Marzz:
Damn isn't Sheldon from Elk Grove ?
James Dawson:
Is that lebron James at 2:54
Jose “Nucl3ar Spartan” Mendez:
5:35 what type of James Harden defense is this kid playing bruh
NBAmaster 12497:
if you look really close you can see LaMelo Ball double but the ref didn't
see it
Omar Delabra:
0:48 he clearly passes half court and goes back
listen in at 8:41 there is moaning hahaha
Trey Dutton:
Overrated. What ppl don't know is how many turnovers they average a game on
those stupid full court passes and how shitty the brothers shoot from the
field cuz they take horrible shots. Anyone who's watched full games will
tell you the MVP's are #21, 0, 11
Zuyang Jia:
Feels like Zion Williamson will beat all of them
luis ilundain:
they are all niggas despues se dicen llamar norteamericanos menudas mierdas

    Chino Hills and Sheldon faced off for the Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational championship tonight. The game was a close battle for the first three quarters as the Elishja and Isaiah Duplechan put Sheldon on their back but LiAngelo, LaMelo and company proved too much at the end as they once again closed out the game strong. LiAngelo Ball won MVP of the tournament while the rest of Chino's starting 5 won all-tournament honors. The Duplechan brothers won all-tournament honors as well.