Trevor Dunbar College Highlights - CCSF Sophomore Year

>>NorCal SportsTV>>Trevor Dunbar College Highlights - CCSF Sophomore Year
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Amjad Nizar:
his game changed completely it just proved that i highschool there was no competition and his game is just nt tht good
John W. Creasy:
Just heard he was at a tryout for La Salle University in the Philippines. Good move IMHO... He'll get more in touch with his Filipino roots while playing against some high level guys and most likely make the move to the PBA and/or somewhere else overseas. I hear coming from the US and playing in the Philippines is like celebrity status out there. It's not always about making it in the NBA or here in the USA for that matter. Good luck to him and hopefully he makes the bay area proud!
Shykeim Williams:
First instrumental in his mixtape????
Meanwhile Tyler Ulis in the NBA...Trev deserve a chance imo. Maybe not in the NBA yet but you mean to tell me he don't fit into a pro league team somewhere
don wise:
cuh wtf city college? this nigga was in the same competition with aaron gordon why the fuck is he at city college smh thought he was at a D1, cuh wasting time man he should be in the league, that door is closing ..where his pops at smh cuh shoudla made it man
It goes to show you basketball is a simple game. Too much time is spent by "trainers" teaching kids 45 combo moves and alot of stuff that doesn't translate to the next level.
gotta remember that his father trained him. that can only go so far.  Now he had to waste his collegiate career fine tuning the faults.  A lesson for Julian newman's dad. He's wasting Julian Newman's time with outdated training that even Downey Christian can't benefit from. smh.
Will he Excell Mann nba potential

    Trevor Dunbar of City College of San Francisco sophomore season highlights
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Trevor Dunbar transferred from Washington State to play his sophomore season at City College of San Francisco for the 2015-2016 season.