Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried (Full Version Video)

>>Zac Brown Band>>Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried (Full Version Video)
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1_ Fishin'_ Magician:
this is a ....zac attack out....! lol
Avery Rogers:
This reminds me of my family and how we go to our freinds house and listen to this song
That's the worst "1080p24" I've ever seen. The lies!
Cai Chuck:
Ironic that I'm listening to this song while my white neighbours are listening to those popular trash
Cameron Conner:
who cares if we are billbillys country boys or rednecks its how we lived rednecks are wannabe county and billbillys tho fr rednacks are racist bartered most blacks are bad not all
Dylan Smee:
was he handing that old guy a beer or did he just snag that like a g??
Fuad Selimovic:
love it..can stop playing this song..
Hailey Reed:
this song totally rock I love country music
Jake Gusler:
When I was 16-17 me and my buddy burned this son of a bitch up. I'm telling you we're half the views if not 3/4th. Good times.
Landon Holcomb:
Like this if you love some fried chicken
Practical Prep:
Can I please use your song for a video ?
Sawyer Tate:
Doesn't he look like jack black
Shane Dunson:
I'm country and I love this song
A pair of teens would fit just right? :O
see the love in my sisters eyes!!!

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Chicken Fried (Full Version Video)