Best Broken Tackles in NFL History

>>The Highlight Factory>>Best Broken Tackles in NFL History
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Apolo Corral:
This song is just so repetitive and fucking anoyng
Denia Heath:
not one steve smith highlight? cmon man. you get a thumbs down for that.
Eusenia Lucas:
it's so cool how they be runnig and get tackled that got to heart really
bad 😤😵😤
Harold Rosario:
Nombre de la canción porfavor
JRXStewie28 34:
Why does "highlight warehouse have exact video compilation as this ? Did he
copy you?
Jamaal Charles:
I think it might actually be 4-5 times, not 3,#beastmode.
James Irish:
they even use the same crappy music
Jameson Moore:
I wish the Patriots were in here
Joseph Alston:
This video made me realize how much of a legend marshawn lynch is. As a New
Yorker, didnt watch a lotta of him. He is hall of fame material.
Nathanael Morris:
you know Earl Campbell got his jersey ripped on that play
Pro Tube:
Everybody knows Marshawn Lynch is the best broken tackler 🏈🏈24
Real JRW:
No Terrell Davis? He was a good RB
TheSteamyTaco 982:
Which pixels are the players?
eieuuei key:
This is awesomeness$$$$$$🤑🤑🤑🤑
I see why they call him beastmode now.

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