Best Broken Tackles in NFL History

>>The Highlight Factory>>Best Broken Tackles in NFL History
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Might want to fix the video, audio been taken out due to copyright It says :(
Andrew Bruett:
Is it just me or can anybody can't hear music
Cody Cleveland:
You put OBJ on here but no Le'Veon Bell? Smh
Debbie Thomas:
I can't here the song but it is good
The 1900s football players look it chunky but todays football dont
No one ever mentions how nice the downfield blocking is on that Lynch run vs. the saints.
Heather Moore:
Beastmode is coming back for one more year yay
Hunter Smith:
There isn't any music, it's just the highlights and silence
Johnny Ivie:
this video sucks!! no audio hats wrong with you people
Jonathan Doe:
1:24 Defensive Coordinator quit
Kyle Conney:
Ahhh. The video was muted due to copyright... 😪
Nathan Cady:
You just wanted to make a video about Marshawn 😂
Salvador Morales:
Hey in my phone the volume is univelible
david johnson is the next marshawn except he is taller
Wasup Boyz:
What is the audio copyright claim

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