Best Broken Tackles in NFL History

>>The Highlight Factory>>Best Broken Tackles in NFL History
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Beast quake was by far the best run in NFL history
Arnold Cervantes:
But beastmode retired football 😡😡😡😡
Branden Wixson:
Odell kicked Josh Normans butt #best
Clay McAmis:
Dubby Curry:
I tried to do this in one of my football games one time and then a fat kid sat on me
Ethan McLean:
I love marshyn lynch but I'm a packer
I just saw the New York jets, they were good when Cedric Houston was on there
Lynch Is a BEAST sucks he is gone..
Jeremiah Canto:
they are very good I can't believe it I am gonna try it
John Thomas:
Hey who was the guy on the cowboys
Jonah Adams:
Beastmode is the best player ever
LiL_Ricky Lopez:
Beast mode come back ( Go to the raiders)
Ryder Nipper:
How did I know sea hawks was on here
TheStingierRay / Dylan:
When you try to escape the last day of school...
Younger Wingerter:
Where is derrius guice kick return where he broke like a million tackles

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