7'5" Sophomore Matt Van Komen 20 Pts & 20 Rbs vs Chino Hills! Raw Talent With Major Potential!

>>Ballislife West>>7'5" Sophomore Matt Van Komen 20 Pts & 20 Rbs vs Chino Hills! Raw Talent With Major Potential!
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Bailey Davis:
Lol at 1:30 he hits the ground then let's go of the rim.
its funny how ya hardly hear of the other young kids, besides bol bol and shaqs son, this kids good!
Kim J:
So whats the final scores...120 to 15...?
Machine Gun Haylift:
It looks like he can barely dunk
Robert J. Simpson:
This guy has a real chance, certainly D1, but beyond. As relatively meaty sophomore at 7'5", he'll definitely get eyeballs on him. If he can learn to play with his arms up and jumping no more than 3 inches from his tippy toes, he can, at a minimum, become a potential 12 and 3 guy - in rebounds and blocked shots.
Scout Russia:
Is a better NBA prospect than LaMelo. Any NBA team would tell you that. I see Van Komen as a more mobile version of Boban Marjanovic. Don't know if his frame is as solid as Marjanovic's though. He does possess a soft touch and nice hook. He won't be a 'star' but he is going to make a lot of money playing in the NBA as a rim protector.
Sosh Vujisic:
you gotta think how selfish these kids are if they see a wide open 7'5 center and dont pass to him
ayye and then theres lamelo ball but nobody give a shit about him ahaha
He has no "raw talent" he absolutely garbage he's just another tall kid who smokes layups nothing special he gets bodied by people a whole foot smaller than him he needs to drink some milk
Wendell Solis:
What's with the hate on this kid? He looks extremely coordinated for a 7'5 player, let lone the guy is a teenager, give him a few years and the right coach and he'll do well in the NBA.
gordon hayward's broken leg:
soon we'll see 10 foot niggas with chris paul skills
james sepp:
Raw Talent? lol dude doesn't even have to jump to get a board or dunk
Those numbers are pretty bad considering.
tommi luomala:
im 7 2 and its not really easy to control your body when your this tall so give a brake guys

    Here is 7'4" sophomore, Matthew Van Komen, dropping 20 points and grabbing 20 rebounds against Chino Hills last night. The Pleasant Grove center is still a raw talent but the potential is there and he has major upside. Keep an eye out for this youngster in the coming years, we are sure it won't be the last time you'll hear of him.