7'5" Sophomore Matt Van Komen 20 Pts & 20 Rbs vs Chino Hills! Raw Talent With Major Potential!

>>Ballislife West>>7'5" Sophomore Matt Van Komen 20 Pts & 20 Rbs vs Chino Hills! Raw Talent With Major Potential!
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All he has is height, but still can't effectively score in the post, or grab a rebound. Won't get past college
How can you see over the rim and still miss layups lmao
Gregory Everson:
aw its Chino Hills home to melo, the talent-less scrub, wont see any defense this game
Jared Creer:
like 10 of those rebounds were off of his own shots lol
Jared Miles:
What's with the hate on this kid? He looks extremely coordinated for a 7'5 player, let lone the guy is a teenager, give him a few years and the right coach and he'll do well in the NBA.
Justin Banning:
most of those rebounds came from him simply missing the basket on all of his shots.
Um...I don't think that's raw talent...
Really good for his age. Would like to see him hit the weight room and be a serious threat in college.
this niggas dick probably the size of my arm😩😩
this guy missing laups when he can bascially the height of the rim his hands
Toshio Eure:
Yoga and strength/power lifting..
wish i could help
much blessings..
TwoCam Sam:
So whats the final scores...120 to 15...?
Zane Foster:
Geez all the comments are harsh af he's not even bad everyone misses layups it's part of the game sure it's easier when your 7'5 but still he defiantly has high potential.
xxx_ billy_xxx:
Hes really not that skilled, but hed beat me because i dont play and im also short. Hes got alot of natural gifts though, thats what makes him valuable

    Here is 7'4" sophomore, Matthew Van Komen, dropping 20 points and grabbing 20 rebounds against Chino Hills last night. The Pleasant Grove center is still a raw talent but the potential is there and he has major upside. Keep an eye out for this youngster in the coming years, we are sure it won't be the last time you'll hear of him.