7'5" Sophomore Matt Van Komen 20 Pts & 20 Rbs vs Chino Hills! Raw Talent With Major Potential!

>>Ballislife West>>7'5" Sophomore Matt Van Komen 20 Pts & 20 Rbs vs Chino Hills! Raw Talent With Major Potential!
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Boulder Bulls:
He can move for his size and only being a sophomore! This kid could be
Diante Crudup:
19 of the rebs came from him missing layups ­čśé´╗┐
John Doe:
Matt Van Komen the type of nigga that wouldn't sleep with a dime piece
because his feet hang off the bed´╗┐
Kevin Durant:
I'm impressed with how mobile he is at that age and height I know its hard
to get up and down. People thinks its easy trust me its not when your 7'5´╗┐
Lil Bobby:
This dude is ass, he just tall asf.´╗┐
Lion Runner:
Whoever calling this kid trash need to shutup he's doing the best he can
with his height I like the hustle especially since he's 7'5 and moving like
that so haters can keep typing hate comments and eating their hot links´╗┐
Luis Candy:
Lmao Matt has no potential. So uncoordinated. He's just a tall kid. Nothing
special. He went to my school and he was absolute trash. Only got stats
from his height.´╗┐
Muhammad Fazel:
Probably hasn't been playing basketball that long and it shows.´╗┐
yall gotta chill. he only a sophomore he still learning how to be a shot
blocker and defensive presence´╗┐
nobro grandr:
Lol raw skill? Are u kidding? This kid is awful, hes 7'5 and cant make a
layup. He has little potential unless he actually puts on some weight and
puts in the work.´╗┐
satx king:
lets see how he plays his senior year hes still got 2 years to practice´╗┐
It's not raw talent when you're like 2 feet taller than everyone. Sorry´╗┐
Anyone who is 7'5 can pull off the shit this guy did. He's not impressive
at all.´╗┐
zee bee:
he got 20 offensive boards off his own misses lol´╗┐

    Here is 7'4" sophomore, Matthew Van Komen, dropping 20 points and grabbing 20 rebounds against Chino Hills last night. The Pleasant Grove center is still a raw talent but the potential is there and he has major upside. Keep an eye out for this youngster in the coming years, we are sure it won't be the last time you'll hear of him.