Darius Rucker - I Got Nothin'

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - I Got Nothin'
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Alan Tovar:
831 dislikes are luke Bryan’s fans.... LOL
Alex ander:
Only here because of SNL. I hate country music too, but this actually is pretty good. Actually meaningful lyrics instead of the 99.9% of songs that are all about trucks, whiskey, boots and jeans.
Anthony Stauble:
Brought me tere lol
Evelyn Dennis:
Not all white country singers are good, black can be good too. I don't know why people judge people by appearances/skin color these days. I just wanted to bring this up, because a lot of people are like "black singers aren't good at country" and all that other crap, but they judge by skin color. I just don't understand the judging these days. I don't seek hatred, because I know some people don't think the same way as others, and I respect that. The only thing I don't respect is the judging, especially over skin colors. Now that's just wrong.
James Torrey:
It’s about right that Darrius dominates country since Eminem is the best rapper out there!!!
John Dean:
I love his singing style... Darius rucker is great
Leon From New York:
I'm here because of that "Saturday Night Live" skit I saw this past Saturday that featured a parody of a game show where one of the contestant had to name a country song and said, "I got nothing", not realizing that what he said was the correct answer. I didn't know anything about this song. However now that I have heard it, I like it. It's nice Not much of a country music fan, but I definitely like this song.
Michael Dennis:
This song hits the heart had it happen to me
Bank Breakers got me here. And I'm glad because this song is nice.
Scott Davidson:
VERY powerful song! love the one your with and treat them right.
Shocka Xoulu:
Gd fellas! Sometimes alls yous guys gotta say is "dont go! Ilove u!" Not always complicated...
Stephanie Barr:
Ugh .... I just love you so much darius you are amazing and especially your newest song if I told you ... Ugh you just are so talented and I love you! Please don't stop making magic 💗💯🙌
Steven Severino:
This man is such an amazing artist.
LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DARIUS RUCKER IS A GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nancy cabrillas:
love this song...but make me feel so alone and emotional..keep remembering the person i love but left me all behind and i got nothing but a bunch of crushed hearth...

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