Darius Rucker - I Got Nothin'

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - I Got Nothin'
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Brent Barton:
outstanding song. traditional sound.  I know I have been in that position a thousand times. I can relate
Brenton Snellings:
Is this Dierks Bentley in the video? Nothing says that it is but it looks just like him. May be a stupid question to some people but idk his face enough to be for sure. Looks like him.
Christine Gehring:
:( this song is just right i lost my girl she left me and now i got nothing the day i lost her on was 8/22/2017 my hearts broken she was true love but yes crazyparker this is the only black country singer and he is one of the best
Eternal Darkness:
So glade he came to country this is were he belongs
Gregory Fairchild:
He reaches in and touches something real everytime...one of the best!
Hannah Rowland:
6 years later and this song still rocks
Karen Kirby:
that man can sing i like all his songs
That's when you say, "you are everything to me, please don't take away everything"
None None:
I did not think that he was going to do any good in country music BOY was I wrong he has a lot of good songs out there WOW
One of my favorite songs by DR!
Teresa Mcintosh:
He's real good but Charlie Pride is my favorite
Trey LW:
Well they say if you love someone or something let it leave if it comes back its yours, or meant to be!
edna mattox:
and hes not bad to look at yes hes a amazing singer love his music
facundo saavedra:
I love Darius Rucker , I dont know why , this sad song makes me happy... maybe i feel not alone ... i donknow but is nice express this feeling
nancy cabrillas:
love this song...but make me feel so alone and emotional..keep remembering the person i love but left me all behind and i got nothing but a bunch of crushed hearth...

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