Darius Rucker - I Got Nothin'

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - I Got Nothin'
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Aaron Staples:
aaww shit theirs 666 dislikes better start praying 👏👏👏
Aubrey Ashby:
One of my all time favourites of his. Really hit home on my last break up. It's all for the better though. Sometimes ending up with nothing is better than staying in a toxic relationship. Opened the door for what I have now and this song is a ghostly reminder of what was. Great music Mr Rucker! Instant time travel in three minutes. 👍🏿👍🏿
F Jr II:
James Paukstat:
this song is exactly what I went through on Tuesday. my wife told me that she wanted a divorce and that she wasn't happy since we've been married, due to all the stress from the wedding and the engagement. I couldn't say anything I was just speechless, couldn't think, speak not a damn thing. all I could do is tell her ok I understand and that's what you feel is best ok then. now I'm trying to do everything I can to try and make things better, so she can realize things aren't perfect right now but they have the chance to get better
Joseph Seremak:
The salt of the earth........Country lyrics, country vocalists and country musicians. How they break your heart.
Kevin K:
How come darrius is always actually a white guy deep down inside? 😨
Kitt Dybeck/scurto:
Thinking about you T! On Gustofson road Kitty
Marvin Walker:
This is the perfect breakup song.
Mona Ducharme:
Darius you are absolutely amazing Artist love you!!
Not a vegan:
My favourite Darius song 💟 glad he made the switch from pop to country.. suits him more
Sham Rocks:
WHAT A VIDEO...........WOO...........WOO.......................DARIUS IS THE BEST...... WOOF....................WOOF.....................
Shawna Carmack:
Staying power is a thing of the past these days. I've got it, but the man I love doesn't. Doesn't mean I'll ever stop loving him though. I'm stupid, I know.
It's 2:08am..........can't sleep........and this song tells you why - I got nothing.
I hate country but dude goes hard on his songs
mike higgins:
I got nothin'. Hmmmm that sounds familiar. Oh wait that's what my ex told me when I said that we were/ are done.

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