Darius Rucker - I Got Nothin'

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - I Got Nothin'
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Apaulo Thegreat:
He can make you laugh they can make you sad it can make you cry I can make you feel real good that's when you and tell you got it and he's got it God bless him
Brandi Gay:
So many days....I’ve still got nothing.....
Chris Lemieux:

I am a HUGE fan and love ALL of your music. Tomorrow I am going to sing this song for my wife as it fits our marriage perfectly. Lots of ups and downs and I seem to stare into space when she wants me to say something.

I’ve never sang in front of anyone, ever. I hope I do your song justice.

You are amazing and keep up the great work!!
Danielle Guthrie:
I got nothing
Left to say I have said it all and it wasn't enough so I got nothing
Down loads Sherman:
This just hit u. Johnny foster
Foxy The Fox:
I wish this guy was white..I would love to see him but I hate negger
Janet Bradburn:
Love your music!!! First time i heard this me and my boyfriend had broke up. This past saturday i found out my ex had passed away right before christmas. Ive always loved him but couldnt deal with the life he was living
Kat TheFanEnthusiast:
Does anyone else think the guy looks like Dierks Bentley?
Ryan McDonald:
his voice is perfect for these sorts of songs amazing!!!!
Sarah Martin:
I don't care if he is purple/ The guy is the best there is...period.
Tanya West:
well I do have something.... I have my son
.. and he is always there for me... I love you
WilderJohan Aguilar:
His name is DARIUS TUCKER because I listened once this song a long time ago and I really love this song even after many years since the release of the song.
I think I'm glad I never been in this situation where the guy has nothing to say. Heck never been in love. But I do love this song.
I know this feeling...exactly this...the next step is slight alcoholism
trace martinez:
Dude is just amazing, such a heart felt soul singer with so much talent.

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