Brantley Gilbert - The Weekend

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Aut Var:
fucking good. song brantly Gilbert
Billy Princess:
Just happy for the weekend here and an awesome song!
Dan Peterson:
R.I.P logan Ferris,this was his favorite song and he died 5 months ago of a hunting accident at age 16
Debbie Dean:
Thanks so much for making these songs
Do It With Tyler:
That 68 cougar is nice but Those are some nice ass bikes though
G Hu:
I thought i was watching a limp bizkit video at first. Dude looks like fred durst
They should have ended it with the car restored and her saying "Baby I wouldn't sell your car. I just got it fixed
Monica Hatfield:
My favorite song isTake it outside
Raiinbow Bitez:
She probably did sell than saw him partying on youtube an was like oh sh!t I better get that car back.
Robert France:
My boy Gilbert tha new breed, bad As. Yea right that.
Roman K:
"Take it out side", 'Kick it in the sticks", "Bad boy". That is all you need to advertise in Russia. Take a tour please. With respect.
"Bad boy" should be the one. ;)
Sky Grappin:
What is wake and bake suppost to mean?...
Theresa Mitchem:
What you got to brush it out. No real men do that.they know any women of their real dreams is. Gonna play this. Learn or settle.
bweah bweah:
ii never heard this song and all i seen was 34m view im like lemme look at this and once he started singing i paused and said "gotta blast" 😆😆 not being mean
chris akin:
My favorite dong from BG by far Hell YEAH

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Music video by Brantley Gilbert performing The Weekend. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC