OMG Proofs ! Michael Jackson is Alive in 2017 ( Official vidéo ) !!!!!!!!

>>Michaeljackson'sVEVO>>OMG Proofs ! Michael Jackson is Alive in 2017 ( Official vidéo ) !!!!!!!!
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AMY n micheal Dangerous:
MICHAEL amy here I love you I really do hope U still alive now is 2017 U 60
year old U should your own life I wish U stay health N happy than I will b
very happy for U :) cos many peoples not believe U still alive from your
singapore chinese fan amy 7:28pm
Alo CS.:
Estephany Perez Cruz:
si ustedes lo vieran no guardarian su secreto yo si por que si él estuviera
vivo y me lo topara yo si le guardo el secreto porque al fin él está
descansando de la prensa de los rumores y de todas las cosas feas y oribles
q dicen de el y poreso si el siguiera vivo y lo viera yo no dijera nada
para q ya esté tranquilo y descanse bien y no sufra más 😊😳
Just Isabel32:
He is not alive I hate when people think he is!!!!! But I love him so much
Learley Wells:
This video was shown back in 2016 recently too. The same exact video. And
these shots may have been way back in the day when he was alive and you're
just finally uploading it and showing it off and putting this years date on
it making fans think he is alive today. :(
Michael J:
Magnifique vidéo, qui nous montre MJ tel qu'il est aujourd'hui... élégant
et souriant pour ses fans... ! Il est, et restera toujours le King of
Pop...! On continue à l'aimer...!
Michael you are not alone:
I know he is alive but I don't think the man behind Joe is michael!
Mysterygamer MGClues:
who knows a miracle might happen or not
Naty Rodrigues:
I love you more ... come back ...❤🙏🇧🇷
Rachayeeta Chanda:
Yes he is alive and i see that 2 returns the new flim of michael i am
waiting for this michael please come back i love more.
Savannah Hodge:
I have always and will always believe that he is alive.
Shraddha Gaikwad:
yeah he is Alive❤
I love you a lot my King😍👑Hope You'll Come back soon👑Waiting For you😢
Susan Sargent:
Who ever you are go away you freak
Tinkerbell Bell:
I'am a believer I believe that MJ is alive and well and is some where out
there and is playing hide and seek with cause he always said that he always
wanted to play so I believe that is what he is doing I hope to one day see
him and meet him and get his autograph and get a hug from him and talk to
him and hear him sing and dance I'm his #1fan in the entire universe in the
entire world in the entire galaxy so keep your heads held up high strong
and proud and stay positive stay proud of MJ of Michael Jackson the True
King Of POP Rock And Soul Forever And For Always no matter what I love you
more I love you most MJ Michael Jackson please come back to us fans
Beethoven! Worth it just to listen to the music.

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