2017 ARMY All-American Game : MOST TALENTED HS football players!!!

>>PassportplayasTV>>2017 ARMY All-American Game : MOST TALENTED HS football players!!!
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2017 Army All-American Game,Tate Martell,Jake Fromm,Najee Harris,Top High School Players in America,Cam Akers,Tua Tagovailoa,Darnay Holmes,Dylan McCaffrey

BigKokonut 808:
That kicker ain't bad tho but shout out to my uso Tua Tagovailoa do your best have fun and God before anything
D X:
Coaches logic: We got the number one plate in the nation lets only hand him the ball a couple times. *loses game*
if it wasn't for u najee Harris would not be out there like tht like not be really known u made all his highlights and posted them on YouTube great job I'm next
First Name Surname:
What happened with #28? I assume he got ejected but why? Looked like the play was live and he jumped over cleanly
Jimmy Bonez:
No one wants to get hurt in a meaningless HS All Star game. Najee played but didnt play to hard.
Nico Reyes:
Tate martell #18 is asss that's all I gotta say
Who wants to see the Jake Fromm Senior Mixtape we got???
Smedley Butler:
#23for the west can ball.Oregon got lucky.
T L:
I wish Fla recruits would stop falling for the Gators bullshit and just Tribe it up and get this money together @FSU don't be foolish. BAMA LSU UGA A&M then UF. and in that order. Saban runs the SEC. Ride with Jimbo do like other states flood in to one school and get money together. Miami hadn't won a bowl game in TeN yrs.
All I really cared about was seein Najee -_-
Trevion Ross:
Gave my nigga Najee Harris the ball like three times wtf. Smh😤😑
super kenyon:
these cant be the best of the best they go down by arm tackles,dont wait for there blockers, and every run ive watch so far are being bounced out for no reason..


2017 Army All-American Bowl featured the Best football players in America!