LaMelo Ball is CRAFTY With The Basketball!! FUTURE UCLA PG Has BIG Game!

>>Ballislife>>LaMelo Ball is CRAFTY With The Basketball!! FUTURE UCLA PG Has BIG Game!
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Brandon Devereaux:
Him and his brothers are good players but they'll be rotation guys at best if they even do anything in the league. Lonzo is solid but the other two brothers cant play a lick of defense... ZERO
Daniel Briseno:
wait is he actually a future ucla pg?
Jose Lopez:
6:17 liangelo was yelling at lanelo for ballhogging 😂😂
Joshua James:
a fan was tellim him. to chill lol "relax max relax" he knew it was over
Joshua McDaniel:
lamelo is going to be the best out of the brothers, just watch!
To be honest this title makes no sense because if you know who the lamelo is you would know that he is good game not trying to be mean
Mike Rithjin:
Of course theres the dad acting like a dumb shine as always
you gonna go try rendering it yourself
Sports Central:
Not a hater, and definitely not a Warriors fan, But I've seen Steph Curry's High school highlights and he was waaaaaay better than this kid, and yet Dell Curry never bragged a day about it. Class Act dad.
Will Mclead:
All you here is lamelo ball for three
hairdo will be bigger than him.....
i dint like his play style, Lonzo is waaaay better this dude a ballhog
The best thing his Marinovich Pops could do is ship him off to Bobby Hurley sr.  The Kid's game is a disaster.
he's good but people seriously compare this to Curry ? Like really ?
The white teams defense is shit this is why he can make these it's like a preschooler is guarding him

    LaMelo Ball full highlights from Tarkanian Classic as well as some extra footage from Hoophall West showcasing the Chino Hill's star PG's craftiness and handles. The youngest Ball brother is committed to UCLA where his oldest brother, Lonzo Ball, has been breaking records all season long and the middle brother, LiAngelo, will go off to next year.

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