LaMelo Ball is CRAFTY With The Basketball!! FUTURE UCLA PG Has BIG Game!

>>Ballislife>>LaMelo Ball is CRAFTY With The Basketball!! FUTURE UCLA PG Has BIG Game!
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Garrett Hann:
1:30 what kind of shot is that
HyperFocus TV:
Crafty? LaMelo is sloppy with the ball. He needs to tighten up his handles.
I know he's young and I'm pulling for him but let's be honest. He's out of
control too much.
Jason Yang:
what is the shoes he is wearing 3:52
Jonathan Mabry:
Who else is getting annoy how Lamelo is so good that Ever time he scores
the guys says him name
Kevin Khounkhamtan:
what are those adidas he was wearing in game 2 call?
Lil Uzi Bart:
Yo he can not be doin some of that crazy shit in college.
Lonzo So Saucy:
Wow it's hard to do behind the back moves and shoot🙄
Que Kennedy:
this nigga gone be better than Carmelo
Sawyer Zehr:
How that kid making off balance threes? Wow, sauce.
Stephane GABUGABU:
He is good player but shoot form is looks like kids
Vi さん:
when he watches too much of Curry's videos lol his dribblings and
hesitation make me feel like im watching curry somewhat
Victor Coronel:
He has a ugly ass release he chicken arms his shots
brandon moran:
After watching about ten videos of this kid and the rest of his team I'm
completely convinced that he is an average talent. Just basically a jump
shot and an ok handle. Nothing to brag about, you can find a bunch of high
school players with better talent all around. He probably can make it to
the league if he continues to Develop in college but his game average at
this point.. I look forward to seeing how much better he gets and how he
adapts to playing in college
senusi senusi:
might aswell change it to chino hills is life
Lamelo has so much potential at such a young age. there will be more to see
as years goes by and will continue to trip peoples mind with his ability to
play. i honestly can't wait to see all three brothers play for the UCLA.

    LaMelo Ball full highlights from Tarkanian Classic as well as some extra footage from Hoophall West showcasing the Chino Hill's star PG's craftiness and handles. The youngest Ball brother is committed to UCLA where his oldest brother, Lonzo Ball, has been breaking records all season long and the middle brother, LiAngelo, will go off to next year.