LaMelo Ball is CRAFTY With The Basketball!! FUTURE UCLA PG Has BIG Game!

>>Ballislife>>LaMelo Ball is CRAFTY With The Basketball!! FUTURE UCLA PG Has BIG Game!
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A G:
why dont you show the full video or simply call it melo highlights.
Air Jordan:
0:45 how is the varsity if he dribble like that
Cassandra Bolton:
lamelo ball dad need to shut up
Holding it down with out his bros props
Lonzo is trash but this dude looks like a legit point guard
John Galvez:
6'3?? And maybe 150lbs? Gotta start eating that rice lol. Plus as long he doesnt go 7/38 field goal he will be ok.
John Moore:
I call Melo "the Lawyer" bc of all the mouth-piece-in-yo-face shooting he be doing. You gotta keep him on retainer, get it mouth piece, that what we call lawyers up in Philly.
Jozef Etienne:
If Lamelo doesn't grow more he won't be able to play for the NBA... like something like Professor... Just too small and light, regardless of his talent.
Kevin Johnson:
dude is average. plus he playing against a bunch of prep school white boys. not impressed.
Melo has the ability to be better than Lonzo I'll keep an eye out. If he gains strength and agility l, which he is along with even better I.Q. He has a chance in the big league definitely. He's not even done growing yet he's going to be a problem in 3 years.
Sneaker Love:
White dudes love to try an dget the charge foul
so many running jumpers off of one foot, plays street ball in high school
kinaj durant:
is there any defense highligt ?
lj bigbull:
love em or hate em.. this kid def has some talent.
Dude in the Ucla shirt on the left side of the screen at 0:16 def mocking Lavar

    LaMelo Ball full highlights from Tarkanian Classic as well as some extra footage from Hoophall West showcasing the Chino Hill's star PG's craftiness and handles. The youngest Ball brother is committed to UCLA where his oldest brother, Lonzo Ball, has been breaking records all season long and the middle brother, LiAngelo, will go off to next year.

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