Matt Mitchell Gave Shareef O'neal PROBLEMS Full Highlights

>>WhoGotNext>>Matt Mitchell Gave Shareef O'neal PROBLEMS Full Highlights
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what school this youngsta goes to?
Antoine Flowers:
if this cat is so cold then why Cal-Fulerton, not USC or UCLA. c'mon now
this is simply a highlight reel of a guy, who needed to have a good game
with Shaq's son on the floor. and it seems like he did. however theres no
stat line to back up the film we just witnessed.
Chrisdabest Silva:
But he ain't nothing near the status the ball brothers are,and he lost to
them in those clips
Corey Witherspoon:
Anybody else hear the Ball brother's dad in the backround?
Dave Lo:
Lamelo ball is garbage at defense
Kearis Agee:
1:22 nigga hit one mean travel
King Kenji:
the thing about highlights is....they're one sided. I'm sure Shareef got
off and they showed none of it.
Mike Shee:
O'Neal was getting double and triple teamed just like his dad. He's missing
another game breaker on his team.
My Legacy:
kids shareef size always give him the bussiness eat your wheaties kid
because your dad was a beast ps take a paternity test because the greek
freak or Kd might be your daddy.
Oscar Medina:
"Am man amongst boys", yet Matt is only going to CS Fullerton lol.
Pablo's Dream:
What's up with the dwarf on Shareef's team
he has strength , physicality playing underneath or around the basket.
decent jumpshot here and there. but for now, lacks speed and athleticism.
very late lateral movements.has little upside even if he improves on speed.
but as always hard work overpowers natural talent. he has to be in a school
basketball system that knows how to use him. i hope he grows couple more
inches to become forward. looks like his game is built around that
position. too slow if he plays guard. again, better see him live than
watching few highlights
That's b ball. Wtf is wrong with people today. Is o Neal supposed to be
jay olasiman:
Shareef can beat this shit he is just taking advantage of his developed
body but i think this kid will not make it to NBA thats what im thinking.
This is my opinion.
jermaine Johnson:
How tall is he if he Can't play one of the guard positions in college
that's why he's going to Cal State Fullerton

    Here's highlights of future CAL State Fullerton Titan, Matt Mitchell. He's a 6'6 guard who is a man among boys at the high school level. Taking contact, drawing fouls, locking up & etc. Matt looks to be a contributer right off the bat in college.

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