Trevor Dunbar IS TOO SHIFTY!!! Junior Year Mixtape!!!

>>Yayareasfinest2006>>Trevor Dunbar IS TOO SHIFTY!!! Junior Year Mixtape!!!
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AFoxx News:
CJ Johnson:
who is in 2017 still watching this!
Deonte Brown:
@John cage Nigga ur a faggot you always talkin about some gay shit, Trevor Dunbar is shifty and he gets bitches you just a hater you hoe ass nigga, just be happy for the man.
Diego Velazquez:
Too bad he never developed a consistent jumper or he would be beasting in college
Eli Hickman:
And you mean to tell me this didn't make the top 30 best high school mixtapes on 🤦🏾‍♂️
Hgdhe Jsjdjeje:
Who cares cuz im gonna dominate in a few years
Hifsa Ashraf:
Christopher I hope he dies and that girl with a boy kill him and her
I Get Buckets:
Yo I miss these days 😢😥😂 I swear this use to be the best thing to watch after school or before bed
Kevin sal:
That boy is too nice. Reminds me of one of those video games where you just slice up waves of bad guys with a sword.
Marguerite Coats:
dude is not that good  ..I see the same thing everyday at the park or in the gym
Oscar Medina:
His competition looks weak. This was the same argument that happened with Marcus Lovett Jr. about two years ago. He had to transfer to some school in Chicago and cook there to prove himself.
Probably my favorite High School mixtape ever, the beat is so smooth
Raf Jelly:
If your wondering where he is rn he's in the Philippines going to school and playing pro
TakX Panther:
I love watching this to make me motivated before my middle school games I play the exact same as him and this beat is so flames this dude is so lit and he inspires me so much
I seen him travel a few times, but good work

    Check out 2014 point guard Trevor Dunbar getting SHIFTY all year for St. Ignatius...
Check out the DOPE Beat from this mix here: