Fluffy Visits Saudi Arabia - Gabriel Iglesias (from Aloha Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias Live from Hawaii)

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>Fluffy Visits Saudi Arabia - Gabriel Iglesias (from Aloha Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias Live from Hawaii)
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Anas Rafiq:
Somebody stop this guy , my doctor told me not to laugh very very hard !!!!!
Areea Chamli:
Very hilarious and decent jokes. Most of the stand ups come out with raw filth. Fluffy, you are great. Thanks my friend.
imagine gab playing a horror game!!
Brandon Davies:
comedy central is on sky uk to not just US
Chris Banez:
Working in KSA, I'm laughing at this very loud hahaha!
Daniel Ndung'u:
make fun of africans, especially kenyans
Dash GM:
xD ! I laughed so hard ! and anyone especially ( Arabians ) Fell this is kinda offensive you are actually dumb ! I'm from Riyadh & I found this as a joke ! Nice vid btw !
Grant Fishing:
He lost me at attacking FOX news like a typical liberal Cultural Marxist. As if CNN was such a bastion of journalistic integrity. The only comic with real balls is Bill Burr..
Hendo 2K3:
I didn't get the Oprah is out giving bombs to everyone joke until I saw the meme of it. As soon as I saw the meme I immediately thought of this and I was dying XD
Man in Motion Everyday:
Saudi Arabia- violent evil country
Matthew Carlon:
I would love to see you come to charleston, South carolina
Ritish Rattan:
We also have comedy central in india
Tina Faught:
Thank you for your jokes you always add scenic details that make me see where you have been it is not so hard to be sick it takes my mind off of dying
Victor V-man 96:
😂😂😂 i think this' his this is his best show... this guy s the funniest. . . 😂😂
fandom trash 101:
"hurry up bitch lets go!" me when I want to go somewhere :D

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