Fluffy Visits Saudi Arabia - Gabriel Iglesias (from Aloha Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias Live from Hawaii)

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>Fluffy Visits Saudi Arabia - Gabriel Iglesias (from Aloha Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias Live from Hawaii)
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Alfarizi Dhiyaul Islam:
I love that kung fu panda jokes
Clayton Jaros:
“Not everyone is terrorist...
My cousin; maybe...
Hey, there’s a plane! What plane?!”

Flávio Borquez:
Can someone please tell me my Gabriel is so funny, I love that he has a YouTube channel.
Greninja Storm:
I thought the Saudis loved Jeff Dunham because of Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
Lil Monkey:
They should do the cartoon version to this!!
Maryoomy 155:
Btw Doha is in Qatar just sayin
N Daveis:
Bro when you going to visit the UK man? So want to see you live
,,aahhhhh!Gibriel!!! Ahhh Gibrieeeeel!!!'' that one got me the most. This was one of the best stories ever. Very impressed with the Saudi Arabia people. Keep it up Fluffy !!!
Sabrina Heivilin:
It's crazy to think that all of this actually happened to him. he couldn't have made any of this up.
Standard Plays:
im from saudi arabia and i dont know about religous police
TJ The Person:
I WAS THERE AT DEADWOOD! it was so funny!
Tony Cornea:
The Redhead Reference at the end is so funny. 😅
alan levy:
Lool He Look alike SHANE HAMMAN
fuck the isis lovers of israhell and saudi arabia they deserve to follow their uncle hitler
Lol i wouldve taken the Falcon and sold it for the $100k

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