LaMelo Ball Takes On D1 PLAYERS!! Chino Hills Game Goes Down To The Wire, Full In Depth Highlights

>>IN THE LAB NEWS>>LaMelo Ball Takes On D1 PLAYERS!! Chino Hills Game Goes Down To The Wire, Full In Depth Highlights
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Cameron Francois:
all of these travel calls dont really look like travels..
23:30 to 23:40 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 wow..and hes that young playing against these older guys!
When did coaches start teaching kids the under hand full court pass thats shit gets real ballers benched
Henry Gomez:
Lamelo is one ugly mother fucker though
What tha?.... what tha hell is 11 doin here 1:38 ?
Jim Williams:
this is so painful to watch. give me the jitters.
Jon Douglas:
God worst game ever somebody needs to let them know that round orange bouncy thing goes in the metal orange thing on the square glass
16:09 i call it "the butterfly"
Lamelo is just a average high school kid but his idiot fans overrate him saying hes better then curry and he could make to the nba out of highschool and shit. Get your ass outta the highlights and watch this shit, and that 92 point game was complete bullshit all he did was cherrypick and they gave up and played no defence whatsoever.
Lonzo xBadass:
Did jamal baker miss? Literally?
MLG Doritos:
Lamelo is too hyped.He is shit.
Raina Really:
Really bad basketball. I don't get the hype.
This ref is only calling fouls on chino hills
Vic cav:
Liangelo straight garbo in this game
I’ve heard and seen a bad game before but these boys just don’t have it. Gelo is over weight and both don’t know what a good shot from a bad shot smh

    LaMelo showed in this game he doesn't care who you are, he'll be himself wherever, whenever. He went up against future Division 1 players & was unfazed.

Roosevelt almost pulled out the win but, Chino Hills just keeps finding a way to get on a quick run to take a lead late in the game & keep it... Chino Hills will Play Mater Dei for the Tarkanian Classic Championship tomorrow! Stay Tuned.

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