LaMelo Ball Takes On D1 PLAYERS!! Chino Hills Game Goes Down To The Wire, Full In Depth Highlights

>>IN THE LAB NEWS>>LaMelo Ball Takes On D1 PLAYERS!! Chino Hills Game Goes Down To The Wire, Full In Depth Highlights
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Barry Lee:
What's special about this? Seems like sloppy hoops to me..
Based Chiko:
So much hate on a kid that's 15 years old
Furious Four:
roosevelt was fouling so hard in the second half and they just kept calling them on chino hills 🤔😩
HorsDagD Sr:
who watches this crap just to look for this popstar to tear his acl?? i do!!
Jaikala G:
WOW GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonathan Payne:
How the hell does the other team number 1 has one hand and still balling these niggas up😑
Kendrick Harrison:
Liangelo should work on driving the ball left—@2:50, 3:10, 3:50, he has the opportunity to spin off of his defender towards the basket, but doesn't once (not even faking a spin). Though I feel it's unlikely he would've got an easy lay-up, jumpshot, from it, it may have forced help-defence and possibly got someone else open.

Now, I don't want to make assumptions from just one game, but it looks like "talent" boils down to cherry-picking, snapping off quick 3 pointers, and sometimes cleaning up missed shots–which is good and all if you have the fundamentals down.

He needs to be able to work in the post, dribble confidently with both hands, drive left of right, spin, shoot mid-range shots, etc. and I don't see any of that.
Lux Norris:
my nigguh eli scott, number 0 is good af imo
gelo ball play like jello wit tha ball
melo ball is solid as hell.
hopefully gelo has gotten better since this game
Lamelo flop at 17:48 😭😭😭
Money Mac:
That college team fouled the entire game and still lost. Epic second half. Fucking legit af
Don't know what their coach was thinking for letting Gelo have that many minutes. Another player could've easily replaced him and they would've did a lot better in the game...
Patt Benitez:
no nba at all to the lonzo ball´s brothers .. what a selfish game ..
So posting up at the three-point line is how they do it now?
All these kids saying Gelo is over weight and fat 😂 like most of the kids commenting are fatter than him 😂 smh. And he isn't even fat like honestly.
chino hills presses and traps all game, they like to set the pace and play a helter skelter game...thats why this game looks so messy.

    LaMelo showed in this game he doesn't care who you are, he'll be himself wherever, whenever. He went up against future Division 1 players & was unfazed.

Roosevelt almost pulled out the win but, Chino Hills just keeps finding a way to get on a quick run to take a lead late in the game & keep it... Chino Hills will Play Mater Dei for the Tarkanian Classic Championship tomorrow! Stay Tuned.

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