LaMelo Ball Takes On D1 PLAYERS!! Chino Hills Game Goes Down To The Wire, Full In Depth Highlights

>>IN THE LAB Lifestyle>>LaMelo Ball Takes On D1 PLAYERS!! Chino Hills Game Goes Down To The Wire, Full In Depth Highlights
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Adrian Rodriguez:
Quit hating on the ball brothers they are all better than you at basketball
The big fatties name is Jello Ball? lulz
Emilie Andrea:
he played bad though your caption sucks
Emmanuel Tucker:
A now at first I was skeptical right because I heard from a YouTube vlogger about the ball brothers and chino hills. Now, everybody I want y'all to pay to number 3 which is liangelo ball. Now I can believe lavar ball would big up his son as a father should but face it labar and ppl, li Angelo is trash. Garbage. Facts. Fat ass. His still back and lazy hustling ass look like he want something to eat on the court. He even hoop like a fat person. On the real talk. Only fat ppl in pick ups post up at the 3 point line. Den this lil nigga missing open lay ups ok average on his shooting. Facts ppl. I'm watched the tapes. Lamelo might be better than lonzo but to me lonzo the one balls but back to li Angelo doe. He got strong football shoulders and a bat catcher hustle. Cuz we all bat catchers only stand in one spot waiting for the ball. I wanna ruin his dreams but I don't think he's ready for D 1 basketball ask lonzo honestly, and don't lie either lonzo! 😂. And honestly, by looking at his build an average person like me would shid basketball is his 2nd sport just by how he's built. But we'll see doe. But lamelo he got a future in college if he keep his game sharp, that real talk and stay putting up good points but I'm done after this one but li Angelo game reminds me personally a guys I used to watch named Kenny Williams.
Gary Moore:
Are we all gonna ignore the fact that the blocking foul was called as a charge in the beginning ???
whats all the fuzz about lamelo i expected some crazy badass skills he fucken sucks ahaha
Film my great grandfather for a whole day and i can make him a highlight video too
Kwabena Adjapong:
damn ballislife mixtapes have great magic editing lolto make it loom like they fire
Lavar Ball:
My sons are the best basketball players to ever exist
Matthew Kinney:
Is the middle ball serious? His jumpers/fadeaway or whatever you call it look terrible. Worse than a 10 year old at the park. Lol just made 1st 3 was 0-7
Michael Rogerson:
This is awful basketball. Coaching is terrible, no fundamentals or ball movement at all. #3 on Chino is truly awful
Rayful Edwards:
they dad is ruin there career before it begins smh lavar put the Mic down 🤔🤔🤔🤔🏀🏀🏀🏀
Sameer Esmail:
They would make a fun reality show
Social Outcast:
Angelo a fat boy. Loose some weight and work on that footwork... on the other hand. Lamelo is a cherry picking scrub. They are both very overrated.
The ball brothers suck dick
I hope lonzo doesn't get drafted to the lakers
And lamelo looks like a fucking poodle who only cherry picks for his 90 points

    LaMelo showed in this game he doesn't care who you are, he'll be himself wherever, whenever. He went up against future Division 1 players & was unfazed.

Roosevelt almost pulled out the win but, Chino Hills just keeps finding a way to get on a quick run to take a lead late in the game & keep it... Chino Hills will Play Mater Dei for the Tarkanian Classic Championship tomorrow! Stay Tuned.

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