LaMelo Ball Takes On D1 PLAYERS!! Chino Hills Game Goes Down To The Wire, Full In Depth Highlights

>>IN THE LAB NEWS>>LaMelo Ball Takes On D1 PLAYERS!! Chino Hills Game Goes Down To The Wire, Full In Depth Highlights
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I feel like their defence needs improving. Gelo is a good player I don’t think he gets enough credit.
Caleb Lockett:
LiAngelo shot eveytime he got the ball he is ASS
Colton Stephens:
Why did Chino try and score it when they were up 6 with 1.5 seconds left? Just hold the ball
Is number 11 only playing good defense
Devon Watrin:
Wtf was that shit 😂😭
Dom Elder:
I’m 7:00 in and the score has to be 7 to 10
9 minutes through, both melo and gelo have 2 airballs 😂
Jonathan Douglas:
Dear god who was a division 1 athlete
Kenny Shrimpton:
someone tell me how Liangelo played for UCLA????? 4 mins into the video cant shot to save his life
Leo M:
Why the fuck did you say highlights when you did the whole fucking gamw
Peter Savino:
Not trying to sound like a scout but these two are so over rated. The younger one is good but hyped up..liangelo whatever his name is but #3 fucking sucks
Robert Twiford:
Two airballs and a missed wide open layup.... in the first five minutes?? The hype on the ball family needs to go wayyyyy downnnn
Sahand Esfandiari:
Are u people retarded oh these niggas trash what r you saying they r ranked very high in nation the players and the teams they literally cannot be trash damn Bruh
Stephen Janetis:
dylan drost:
I really feel like lamelo hates two things in life
1. Defense
2. Weight room

    LaMelo showed in this game he doesn't care who you are, he'll be himself wherever, whenever. He went up against future Division 1 players & was unfazed.

Roosevelt almost pulled out the win but, Chino Hills just keeps finding a way to get on a quick run to take a lead late in the game & keep it... Chino Hills will Play Mater Dei for the Tarkanian Classic Championship tomorrow! Stay Tuned.

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