LaMelo Ball Takes On D1 PLAYERS!! Chino Hills Game Goes Down To The Wire, Full In Depth Highlights

>>WhoGotNext>>LaMelo Ball Takes On D1 PLAYERS!! Chino Hills Game Goes Down To The Wire, Full In Depth Highlights
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Brazilian Rainbow Boa For Life:
That kids plays Zero defense. I fail to see what all the hype is about. The game he scored 92 he cherry picked all game. The coach should have been embarrassed.
Colin Chaponis:
number 3 in blue is better than that blonde headed nigga, kid cant do shit when they actually d him up
Darryl King:
Every single overweight, out of shape weekend warrior (that includes me) watching this is saying to themselves "my 5 can take them". And we're all correct. This is some of the worst basketball fundamentals I've ever seen. All the coaches should be fired for letting any of whats on that tape happen. And the only thing special about LaMelo is that he takes, and misses, exceptionally bad shots.
so what u tellin me is when he play good niggas he get locked down?
Jackie Garraffa:
lamelo ball cant really play defense
James Turner:
bruh wtf these guys are trash im 15 i could play better than most of them not even boasting i'm completely honest.

they cant finish easy layups and 3 on white thinks he can hit contested fade-away deep twos someone should bench him

jeez and the refs are trash too
0:56 to 1:18
Lol who does this kid think he is? Pulls up for an airball and then puts on his best James Harden impersonation on D right after
Of all the Ball Bros the middle is weak
Myles Hyde:
if LaMelo isn't fazed, then why does he keep air-balling?
Nehemiah Snyder:
Roosevelt must have gone to flopping school
Required Taste:
How is 0:17 not a double dribble?
Kids now gonna wanna be like Steph all offense and no defense. Smh instead of working on be an all around player they just wanna be a shooter
damn did anyone count the number of airballs thrown up in the first 5 mins? lol
john boyle:
should have named this 2 big guys carry their team.
#3 could get some serious post points if he had a postup game.

    LaMelo showed in this game he doesn't care who you are, he'll be himself wherever, whenever. He went up against future Division 1 players & was unfazed.

Roosevelt almost pulled out the win but, Chino Hills just keeps finding a way to get on a quick run to take a lead late in the game & keep it... Chino Hills will Play Mater Dei for the Tarkanian Classic Championship tomorrow! Stay Tuned.

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