Boys Round Here - Blake Shelton (feat. Pistol Annies)

>>Casey Collins>>Boys Round Here - Blake Shelton (feat. Pistol Annies)
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Carmel Kirk:
Possibly the worst song I've ever heard..
Cheyenne Tomlinson:
Awesome song thank you blake for this song! :)
You should never assume Northerners don't like country.I'm from North East Pennsylvania and am loving this song.Matter of fact, while I've always leaned strongly to my Rock music I have also been a classic country fan my entire life. (Willie, Waylon, Hank Sr. Johnny, Emmyou & I could go on.....
red red red red red red

Kacey White:
Attention all Blake lovers! We need to pray for him to make the right choice into going into rehab, he's been drinking to much! Pray, Pray, PRAY!
MJeffrey Read:
Proud to be a redneck and this song speaks my mind
Miranda Kaylee:
Thank for adding it to your channel!(:
It dont hurt that his wife is gorgeous either though!!
Yvonne Hübner:
aaawwww yyeeeaaahhh PA all day lol im from the SW part. us notherners kick it just as hard as southerners do. just as many small country towns and farms and red red red red red red red red rednecks!
fern worakamphon:
listen to this song more than 10 time and never get bored! :)
Im not even country, but hell I love this song.
katie mudd:
You people who continue to hate on this song... GTFO

To Blake Shelton. I may not have your money or fame, but at least I didn't lower myself to this. This is pathetic. You sir have sold out to Country Pop.
morris jones:
I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv this song probably my favorite by him

Redneck girl of the year

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