US Army All-American Bowl 2017 || Official Highlight Mix

>>utrhighlightvideos>>US Army All-American Bowl 2017 || Official Highlight Mix
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Cesar Hernandez:
Why are they always throwing signs
Free E:
Do they have to wear the visor cause everybody got one...
Jacob Ortiz:
These ain't high school players they some grown ass men fym
Leroy Jimkins:
lol 4:10 there were strands from his towel. #23 a spider XD
Micheal Blackson:
2:40 Brodie intercept the ball!!!
These guys look fucking retarded putting up those hand signs, cerebral palsy looking ass.
Rolex boy:
dang they got the whole airforce there lol
T L:
I wish Fla recruits would stop falling for the Gators bullshit and just Tribe it up and get this money together @FSU don't be foolish. BAMA LSU UGA A&M then UF. and in that order. Saban runs the SEC. Ride with Jimbo do like other states flood in to one school and get money together. Miami hadn't won a bowl game in TeN yrs.
Wtf everybody throwing up gang signs forπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ
ThunderStorm 55:
Cam!! I see yah, my boy! Tear it up at Florida State!
Wu _Weiii:
Jonny Collins u are right. What happened to him. Did he play or no
Xxghost wayngxX:
yall need to check out mason kirchberg he will put up fifty points against these kids
why do they need to throw up the hands signs just play some damn ball
@utr check your DM's on IG Facebook and check your email i sent a son is an all area QB and offensive MVP
I'm a freshmen but I know I'm get there one day.

    US Army All-American Bowl 2017 || Official Highlight Mix