Kid Rock - Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
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1 perfect girl:
kid rock is my favorite music artist I listen to at least 8 of his songs a day!
Axelle VP:
Oh hell yes! Always have, always will love me some Kid Rock! He OWNS this song!
Beth Greer:
can't get much better than KID ROCK!!!! ❤👀
Bruce Donnellan:
Don't give a shit about you Yank Chevy commercials. Kid Rock is cool and I dig this song.
I was born free, I lived free, I fucked up and was not free any more. Came to my senses and am well and truely FREE AGAIN.
Evan Connors:
"I will bow to the shining sea and celebrate God's Grace on me."
Jacob Shury:
Jak Wright:
Used to think Kid Rock was just a bit of a pratt but during a longish stay in hospital this song was a source of inspiration to me and on having recovered listened to more of his music and have to say I got him totally wrong, love this track so much!!!!
Lavern Barton:
News said kid rock running in election for Senate, What state?
Matthew Williams:
Oh you Trumpkins amuse me. This is a good song but really? Born Free? How have you been oppressed? Can't wait til you idiots find out Trump doesn't give a shIt about you. Only question is...when? When you lose your ACA (Obummercare!), 401(k) plan, jerb (damn Mexicans!), find out you have to pay a tariff(damn Mexicans! went back to Mexico!), coal jobs (LOL)?

BTW- If you can even read this far, do yourself a favor. Google Dunning-Kruger effect. If you can understand that, you'll see why I'm laughing at you. Now I know you Trumpkins are FURIOUS and FED UP! with us libtards and sheeple. And to that, I say LOL. Piss off bitches.
Mike Ray:
we better Thank Christ Jesus we were born free. and that's the following words of wisdom to be a child of Christ Jesus and a True survivor for America. Jesus will always live on in USA
Mitchel harrington:
"If you can't see my heart you must be blind" love this song but that verse makes this song one of kid rocks best
Random Guy On Yt:
How does this not have more veiws!
Roberta Henry:
KID ROCK for Senate 2020....the news just broke that he may run.
Ryan Shook:
not a fan of kid rock... but i just got to hear this song.. waooo.. totally like it.

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