Kid Rock - Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
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Chris Sisco:
Hell yeah you better not act like a little faggit KR rep this country like a boss I was born in the same state lived there for 28 godamn years.
Christina Atkinson:
He is so dam good love his music
Daniel Aptekar:
The words of this song are good but his voice is terrible.
Denny & Laura Bentz:
I could watch this a thousand times in a row FUCK anyone who Neal's for the national anthem
Gilbert Brown:
I already told my dad to play this song at my funeral coz I am born free ⚱
Herb Wells:
This is one of my favorite Patriotic songs. Kid Rock is a true Patriot
Joe Citizen:
I served in the military for 29 years...This song always makes me feel proud.  I just want to get on my hog and cruise the country.  Every mile of it on my bike; with my wife of 30 years right there with me.  She is the real patriot, sticking with it for Ol' Glory.  I love this country and Kid Rock!!!
Lois Fink:
Love kid rock an he's music helps me to vent out my problems an stress thk u kid rock. Ur the best.
Maria Coffey:
when it's good music you feel it this song I feel
Marty Hall:
Megan March:
1:13 in morning. tossing and turning chest burning. sermons in my head constant reoccurring visions of kids NOT able to grow crying at feet of father time. begging and pleading for all the RIGHT signs. shame has em full blinded. im starting now im sweating, fear consuming. heavy in heat. constant repeat. STILL no sleep. minds TRYING old games of playing more tricks on me, screaming im high im bout be six feet feet deep. hell. WHY KEEP reminding me, losing speed feeling bout to finish HIS whole game in victorious name in vain. STILL alive yet no longer feel to tell, way im TOLD im living life guess im JUST on THAT highway to hell
Robert Simpkins:
Damn good Kid Rock mix brother! I would party hard to Kid Rock back in the day. Been sober 15 years and still party sober to Kid Rock. Bobby Richie is the shit!
carrie blake:
Play only Kenny Rogers songs on you tube play now
daniel butler:
from a nonsinger to another great job
shady Lnu:
does anyone know where this was filmed?

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