Kid Rock - Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

>>Kid Rock>>Kid Rock - Born Free [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
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Brian Sun:
my favorite song is Kid Rock Born Free then Heaven much love AKA Hunter Sun
Hey I'm Wyonna:
I love this song lol, forever it SHALL be :)
Jess B:
Canadian trucker here. I run the lakes back and forth. I have this song everyday. Thank you Kid, I run those exact lanes bro.
Kiblinger Creations:
And I don’t want no one to cry but tell them if I don’t survive I was bornfree
Michael Johnson:
When kid rock said "I was born free" I felt that.
Noah The Texan:
I love playing nascar games and listen to this song
Pipefitter597 Chgo HVAC:
Love you brother! Love to see you on the Country circuit!!
Sky Henry Blue:
Born. Free. Born. Free. Thank. GOD. I. Was. Born. Free.

Cow. Boy. Grady.

If. U. Put. Ur. Chains. On. Me. I. Will. Still. Be. Free

If. U. Kill. Me. I. Will. Still. Be. Free.




Praise. God

I. Was. Born. Free

Thank. U. God. For. That. Gift

Cow. Boy. Grady
Stacy Barnett:
We are all born free. It's our choice if we wanna live free
Taylor Crain:
Of all the things you think you know about me to cut the legs out from under you, I believe in two things Freedom and the god of Abraham!
The 1975 Chevelle guy:
Nothing beats the feeling of listening to this while driving an 86 Silverado
bloody gamer:
I get wrestlemania vibes when I listen to this song
chas 65:
And if he does support Trump trump is the commander-in-chief and you better respect that
If youre hear cause hes a trump fan and not that you an enjoy a great song thanks for giving it another view, i dont go to songs cause the artist voted certain way each to his own i guess
im proud mama:
I love this song and video. You can see and hear the compassion Kid Rock has

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