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Danny Smith:
I can listen to John for hours and do nothing.
Geoffry Fein:
Such a beautiful man, so talented, an honest expression of God's love love though music.
Joe Craig:
John Denver will always be awesome
John Thrush:
John was not a lady's man.
his music was to people of all ages . Witch is the best of kind. Roy orboson sounded great. when John changed is image. I knew something bad was going to happen to him. His going to get calic . shour and shit!
Like he's not alert. no good! no good! its that Anne man.
Judy Kramer:
At our family reunions, my brother would play this song on the guitar and my mother and us kids would sing. She passed away on October 15, 2016. It's taken me this long to be able to listen to this song. As tears well up in my eyes, i can hear her singing. It wasn't this song, she was always singing to me as a child. I love and miss you Mom. This one is for you.
Nadine Jackson:
The posted lyrics are incomplete. :( .
Noah Seely:
i love john Denver and country music
Scott Gabriel:
there is actually a very simple test.... not ALL, but most folks that like this and older style music in general.... had SUPPER, those or most that dont.... had dinner.... its that simple.
Sue T.:
Where has the heart and soul of our country gone to?
doge 615:
I'm 15 year old, and john Denver's song is my favorite song.. so I think I'm different with my friends...
graham frost:
just the very best so lucky to hear this great singer and hear the song they will be playing in 100 years
marsha hippen:
John had one of the most clear , pure and rich voices I have ever heard. Simply beautiful !
mr. warmth:
im married to my own caroline since 62 still in love and very happy wish you the same
John seems like he was a very solid dude. I like to think he would be the first to laugh at the reference made about him in the movie Dumb and Dumber.....
the great book of grudges:
when you memories went back as young kids and spending your time with your family before their passed away.

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There's a storm across the valley, clouds are rolling in,
the afternoon is heavy on your shoulders.
There's a truck out on the four lane, a mile or more away,
the whining of his wheels just makes it colder.

He's an hour away from riding on your prayers up in the sky
and ten days on the road are barely gone.
There's a fire softly burning, supper's on the stove,
but it'sthe light in your eyes that makes him warm.

Hey, it's good to be back home again.
Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend.
Yes, and hey, it's good to be back home again.