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Alonzo Branson:
This is the song of a man who truly has everything.
Elissa Lee:
I sure miss my precious mama and her cooking.
Frank Pryor:
Beautiful words, beautiful song you feel from the heart...the way he lived and meant it with Annie.
Gino Rodrigues:
Hansmeister Schulz:
We ALL are headed towards a home! Yes, a fireplace is nice so is supper on the stove, yet where are you gonna be, when you get to where you're headed? Trust in the LORD Jesus, as He wants to lead you to your eternal home!
Johnny Garcia:
I was in the military when this song came out..and i was going to that home he sings about...
KT Swizzle:
This song makes me think about camp batawagama
Math Teacher:
it is amazing ....
one fantastic verse after another.....
read the lyrics as you listen to the song..
Melissa Fridley:
farm feels like a long last friend. a baby moving just yesterday. family is in these lines. a great singer memoirs of a memory maker
Michael Cornett:
I first heard this on a cold, cloudy autumn day, and my mind always goes back to that day when I hear it again. I couldn't stand to hear it for a long time; my mother loved it but she would go around the house yowling it at the top of her lungs, making up her own lyrics because she couldn't remember them. And she was no songwriter! I don't miss that one bit, but I like to revisit the original from time to time.
Michael Gallant:
For You Old fella...I miss Thee...thanks for the dance.
Norman Bates:
Some of John Denver's songs/stories bear a strong resemblance to Tom T Hall. The mellow voice, soft presentation, and the message it brings.
I'll always treasure the memories of both.
Tast good to be back home again
john tracy:
Hey, it's good to be back home again.
vivi lanoux:
Reminds me of my mum and dad's place maybe the will leave it to me, because my siblings do not care for the country way of life.

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There's a storm across the valley, clouds are rolling in,
the afternoon is heavy on your shoulders.
There's a truck out on the four lane, a mile or more away,
the whining of his wheels just makes it colder.

He's an hour away from riding on your prayers up in the sky
and ten days on the road are barely gone.
There's a fire softly burning, supper's on the stove,
but it's the light in your eyes that makes him warm.

Hey, it's good to be back home again.
Sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend.
Yes, and hey, it's good to be back home again.