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Alex Cordle:
this guys voice is GOLD. those retards who try and sing country piss me off. Darius doesnt try he just sings and it sounds amazing
Amy Freed:
he was Hootie from Hootie and Blow Fish
Andrew Broomfield:
the worst is when she says that she thanks you for the flowers at the end of the break up
Bayu Oktavia:
great i came to this song really cheer me up
Dayton Campbell:
I have never heard a song I didn't like that came from him
Hern? Guerrero:
He has a great voice and his music is simple to play and enjoy .... I like to play my bass guitar with his music .....
JPaxton 2001:
my first girlfriend introduced me to Angel my second girlfriend when my first and i broke up I got with Angel later on and Angel introduced me to a guy named Gage he introduced me to a girl named Faylynn when Angel and I broke up so I talked to Faylynn and later on she cheated on me so I met this girl named Sarah from Faylynn and Sarah kept breaking my heart and eventually she introduced me to the love of my life so many loses for a big win
Perfectly Designed:
I love it... I'm crying like a baby
Rebecca Arnold:
How I feel. all my heart break led me to the man of my dreams.
Sherry Wilhite:
I like this it's cool good for the guys 💕
Lol!!! Oh Hollywood White Washing!!! You're so obvious!!!
Tommie Hessler:
I love this song! Its the song of my life. Crazy happens in life that doesn't always make sense at the time. But looking back the rollercoaster of my life make sense now and has been one hell of a ride that isn't over yet. My husband and I are coming up on our 13 wedding anniversary. Blessed by the crazy and I pray for many more.
amrit pokhrel:
that bitch took flowers though..for her graveyard at funeral
I never really cared for Darius Rucker until I heard this song. This song really speaks to me because I feel stuck in this place trying to move forward with life but unable to find a way out. This song is hope that this frustration will all turn to good one day. Because of this song I now appreciate the rest of his music. He really is a talanted musician!
med naji:
are you here from 2017? NOT BUGGING FOR LIKES

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