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Bronsen Nishimura:
Just shows that God has a plan for us all
Crystal Garner:
I'm glad im From south Carolina
Fernando Silva Santos:
What's the matter with you guys? Talking about his race . For damn! All that matter is his strongest voice, what's such terrific!
Ginger Wall:
Great song! This got me through rejection by many guys because God had someone for me. Tonight, my boyfriend proposed to me and I couldn't ask for anyone better!
High Speed Magazine:
Kind of like Garth Brook's Unanswered Prayers. :)
Jessy Senor:
His song. Are making me cry and reamind me my ex girl friend love his song so bad
Kathy Urrely:
Darius is a natural. How cannot you not love this guy?
Liam Brooks:
"Old fashioned sound"; Meaning this is a great song! Darius has made some great music!
Paulus Cares:
I had forgotten his name. It was 2 years since I last listened to his songs. I could think his name was "Chris Ducker" but couldn't find any of his songs. Now I went to Google, searched for "chances I didn't take" the only thing I remembered. Suddenly, I came across the exact song I love, "THIS". ... 2018?
Porcha Batton:
God this made me cry......i going thought what Ijust don't understand right now.....and for what?????......please let it be some good.....anyway I love this song and so many more.....bless you Darius
Samuel Moose:
My song for my wife. I love you Brittany Moose!
Singing Stuff:
Roy Harper with Thea, please bring him back, also reminds me my story, both makes me sad, this is my favorite song to start my day.
i like this video it kinda reminds me of certain things in my life
One of the best voices in modern music!
lukus black:
Random website music suggestion: Darius Rucker. I had no clue who that was. I ran a video, and switched tabs. "Holy hell, that's Hootie!!!"

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