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Alex Cordle:
this guys voice is GOLD. those retards who try and sing country piss me off. Darius doesnt try he just sings and it sounds amazing
Andrew Broomfield:
the worst is when she says that she thanks you for the flowers at the end of the break up
Bayu Oktavia:
great i came to this song really cheer me up
JPaxton 2001:
my first girlfriend introduced me to Angel my second girlfriend when my first and i broke up I got with Angel later on and Angel introduced me to a guy named Gage he introduced me to a girl named Faylynn when Angel and I broke up so I talked to Faylynn and later on she cheated on me so I met this girl named Sarah from Faylynn and Sarah kept breaking my heart and eventually she introduced me to the love of my life so many loses for a big win
Mike Clemons:
what's new a woman using you for all your worth and leaving you when all is bad
Nathan Fleming:
Why does this guy have 311k sub's he should have 20m
Perfectly Designed:
I love it... I'm crying like a baby
Rebecca Arnold:
How I feel. all my heart break led me to the man of my dreams.
Sherry Wilhite:
I like this it's cool good for the guys 💕
Shyliah Daniels:
My boyfriend just sent me this song.. and.. somehow he manages to pick apart my heart and find these song from when I was younger and the ones that mean the world to me. He could tell me everything in music and he would say it perfectly because he knows me so well, he knows the difference over a simple text if I am happy or crying my eyes out.. he is my soul mate and I couldnt live without him, I want to spend forever with him. Emmett, if you somehow see this comment. I am gonna marry you someday, and when August comes, and we can be together. I am going to love you and hold you forever and even after. I love you. And I love this song.
Lol!!! Oh Hollywood White Washing!!! You're so obvious!!!
Xavier O'Brien:
Girlfriend and I just broke up. Glad for this song.
amrit pokhrel:
that bitch took flowers though..for her graveyard at funeral
snowy woods:
he has the PERFECT voice for country, it's like magic...
tenzing lorenzo:
Is that Keith urban on the guitar solo

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