Hootie and the Blowfish with Willie Nelson - Let Her Cry (Live at Farm Aid 1995)

>>Farm Aid>>Hootie and the Blowfish with Willie Nelson - Let Her Cry (Live at Farm Aid 1995)
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717 Ghost:
He's only performed this style, of this version once.
Brian Reiser:
I remember when I watched this originally broadcast. Love me some Hootie!
Gillian Baxter:
This song was about him and his feelings of sadness, he sang it about a woman in the end
Google Name:
He should have never stopped doing this style of music. I enjoy some of his country music, but it's put on and seems fake in many ways. Sure it pays the rent, but it's not as soulful and genuine as this was.
Jerry Asbury:
Hootie & the blowfish is kinda a goofy name, but they're the real deal. I'm a fan, I'm mostly hard, heavy metal, but I do like the slower stuff too.
Jonathan Yaderjr:
classic remind of us as the wind against the ocean and the breeeze that makes you wana take it all on but the suffering that destroys you and makes you fall apart
Kay Slack:
Hootie and the blowfish have the voices I can jam out to in the car and then fall asleep to before bed. Forever making my heart melt ❤️
Kurt Whitman:
She need to figure something out on her own..tough life to learn
Matt Reed:
I would give up all phones and internet just to go back ......... I'm for real folks!!!! :)
Randy Moore:
Very rare that a group sucks me in to listen to the words.
Idc who you are, if you've ever dealt with heartbreak, this was the go to song.
Tyler Clarke:
Classic jam. Darius is one of my favorite country singers now and puts on an amazing show live. Seen him last year at DTE Music Theatre.
There are a lot of overrated musicians that i dont think really deserve their success. Darius rucker is not one of those people. He's ridiculously talented and I'm really glad he saw success in the 90s and I'm glad he's seeing more success with country today. He deserves every bit of it.
Little did the world know, that Darius Rucker would eventually be playing at the Grand Ole Oprey.
They didn't even let Willie tell everyone what song HE was playin'!

    Hootie and the Blowfish performs "Let Her Cry" with Willie Nelson at the Farm Aid concert in Louisville, Kentucky on October 1st, 1995. Farm Aid was started by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to keep family farmers on the land and has worked since then to make sure everyone has access to good food from family farmers. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid's board of directors in 2001.

For more information about Farm Aid, visit: http://farmaid.org/youtube

Farm Aid's performances are donated by the artists in order to raise funds and raise awareness for family farmers. They've raised their voices to help — what can you do?