Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel

>>Resurrecting CountryMusic>>Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel
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Black Panther:
Hate me if you want, but Darius added so much more soul to this.
Cowboys 365:
Love this song but doesn’t he look like the black mr clean😂😂😂
Daddy Andrea:
My best friend's dad looked EXACTLY like Darius Rucker. He sounded like him too. And to make it crazier.... HIS NAME WAS DARIUS!!!! WTF MAN???!!! THAT MADE ME THINK I WAS TRIPPIN WHEN I FIRST MET HER DAD!!!
Danny Guzman:
New to country music... Lovin it!!
Dick Avalanche:
It’s sad that people are bringing up skin color with this song. Darius Rucker poured his soul into this song and that’s all that should matter. An amazing musician!!
Dylan Truong:
Just a little love...

If I had to listen to only one song and one song only, this one would definitely make the list.
Humphrey Smiggens:
wheeler told me himself this is legit country.
Teri Riley:
Myself and a bunch of hard rockers, also country music musicians absolutely love this song
Ums03kid g:
Who else feels like this price of art makes you want to crack a peach tea at that one country uncle's house and drive the old pickup y'all built
Verna Foley:
This song was played at my grandfather in law's funeral I love this song
WolfyEvans I:
Singing this for school! Love this song XD
ZF SoWhiteiGlow:
I liked the video, but sadly this song doesn't need resurrecting friend. It never died.
hOhm Boy:
I love this song. But when my moms in the car. I don’t sing the chorus.
Unpopular opinion: this version is better than the original

    The brand new single from Darius Rucker upcoming album , True Believers. Please visit & "Like" our Facebook page : Save Country Music. www.facebook.com/SaveCountryMusic