Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel

>>Resurrecting CountryMusic>>Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel
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Bobby Benton:
For people for broke the replay button like me here you go 0:00
Christopher Purganan:
Anyone else sent here because of Hootie lol
Dan Ryan:
From the Blowfish days till now he just gets better. Keep em' comin' Darius! #realcountry
Desiree Gelestino:
It's half way through 2018 and I'm still jammin' to this song
Elena Bee:
This is the only song that my 1 month old will fall asleep too.. lol
Gaming And more:
This is such a good song. 🎧🎤😄😁👍👍👍👍
Jaren Vince:
This is the best version of the song period.. sad how there is a couple thousand of racist dislikes
Jason Owens:
My dad went to a concert of Darius Rucker. An two weeks later he passed away. An this was our favorite song. I sang it at his funeral.
Jordan Collins:
This is such a good song🎤🎧😃👍👍👍👍
Kyson Gosney:
my mom used 2 put this on when I was a baby and rock me to bed I love this song this is the best song Ever this is the old good song have been in my family for a very long time I love this song so much
MCBH Edgy memes:
I hate country music but by god even I need to recognize this shit is beautiful
Marilyn Thompson:
wow, only found this song 2 weeks ago...and you all been listening to it for years....sure am behind the times :)
2018 and I still love this song
I absolutely HATE redneck incestin country music.. But i like this
Robert Lind:
I am Swedish living in the USA now. I want Darius Rucker for US President

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