Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel

>>Resurrecting CountryMusic>>Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel
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Baka Harem King:
I liked the video, but sadly this song doesn't need resurrecting friend. It never died.
Big Time aka B.Time721:
It's 2017 and thank this song will keep playing on the radio until I'm dead because it's so good
Black Panther:
Hate me if you want, but Darius added so much more soul to this.
Bruno R:
you cant cut the end like that, here's your dislike
Danny Guzman:
New to country music... Lovin it!!
Dawn Lewis:
I sean Darius Rucker in real life
DiamondCyborg55 minecraft&more:
Oh my god finally a chanel actualy save my kinda music
Dick Avalanche:
It’s sad that people are bringing up skin color with this song. Darius Rucker poured his soul into this song and that’s all that should matter. An amazing musician!!
Humphrey Smiggens:
wheeler told me himself this is legit country.
Serenity Riden:
whenever I hear this song I cry because it brings back so many memories
Sparty Person:
I give credit to old crow medicine show for writing this song originally, but I heard radius ruckers version in my car when I was little so this version takes me back
Teri Riley:
Myself and a bunch of hard rockers, also country music musicians absolutely love this song
William Kittles:
He sucks idc what nobody says I hope he dies and his kids die to
jesse stoehr:
Why did he steal this song from Old crow medicine show?
I like how he says "I had to leave town" instead of "I had to up and leave". it has a better flow to it.

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