Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel

>>Resurrecting CountryMusic>>Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel
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Angela Dancy:
absolutely love this beautiful song. Darius's voice rocks.
Ben Dover:
only country song Sang by a black guy hooray racial immagration
DiamondCyborg55 minecraft&more:
Oh my god finally a chanel actualy save my kinda music
Erin Prince:
omg this song makes me cry because my dog died during this song 😢but I still love this song
Gene Hennigh:
Written by Bob Dyla and Ketch Secor (of Old Crow Medicine Show). Old Crow Medicine Show is a great band and Bob Dylan wrote a few good songs on this own
Kim Crimson Lips:
DR is one of my favorite singers ever.. he can do no wrong musically as far as I'm concerned.. anyone who doesn't like him doesn't like music ✌🏻
Mortischa Hicks:
This is my first time really listening to country music. But I love Darius Rucker music!!
Ryan Baka:
I think this is a modern country song which maintains a traditional bluegrass/ classic country music flavor.
Serenity Riden:
whenever I hear this song I cry because it brings back so many memories
Sharron Davidson:
Korygtseweqwwewwwweweww wewe we
Stormy Davis:
Love Darius and this song, far better than the original by Bob Dylan, but it's still Folk, not Country and that's not a bad thing or insult, it's just the style.
We need to stop letting record companies tell us what Country is and isn't.
Darius is AWESOME!!!
Theresa O:
I am a total fan of Darius Rucker! I love this song; he has the voice that makes most people smile. My new aqua zumba instructor uses this song in her routine. Was so glad she is a fan, too and chose to add it in her selection.
cory thayne:
Darius rucker is the man. Love his music!
k.o.i I:
This guy is AWESOME!
So much soul!❤
very pleasant song from a great singer.  beats the dickens out of the crap that passes for country music nowadays

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