Watch chaotic scene as Nick Saban attempted to seek out Dabo Swinney

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on>>Watch chaotic scene as Nick Saban attempted to seek out Dabo Swinney
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14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left:
Little Nicky had Clemson boink batter hangin' off his chin at 0:04
Derp Derples:
You can see the emotion in Saban's face as he was overcome with happiness for one of his best friends.
Duncan Dempsey:
Looking back, just wanted to say thank you to Alabama and Nick Saban being amazing sports through everything. Thank you for the great game. I have infinite respect for you and your amazing program.

~ Die hard Clemson Fan
Fay Reed:
They are friends they both have a lake house in the same area and they both have a house in Cabo San Lucas.
Frank Garrett:
Lifetime diehard Bama fan here. Clemson earned this one, hats off to them. Dabo and Deshaun are class acts and Clemson is here to stay for a long time. Hope to see them in a tiebreaker this coming season.
Homiesexual Sasuke:
I’m a Clemson fan but I have so much respect for Alabama that they’ve basically become my second favorite team even though I get shit from other Clemson fans for liking Alabama
Jeb Stewart:
I thought it was nice for our Coach to hug our next Coach.
Jeffrey Ulmer:
Dabo and Nick are actually friends. Dabo has been to Saban's house a few timess with his family i think.
Michelle Hamby:
It was a class act that Saban tried to find Dabo!! Thanks a lot that u showed class, and wanted to congrats the Clemson Tigers 4 winning!!! That was true class just like Dabo is!! Not many coaches show that anymore!! Thumbs up!!!!! CLEMSON TIGERS 4EVER!!!!!
It warms my heart to see Saban loose a game. Especially to us 🐅💯🔥. Let's go Clemson.
Saban showed great character......
Sheldon Gullah:
police escort!!! really that was sooo ""chaotic""
Steven Hyde:
He did what most other coaches do, and congratulated the coach of the opposing team.. I'm not sure why there was a need to make a video glorifying it. I guess my question is: What makes what Saban did so special?
You never count your money while you're sitting at the table, there will be time enough for counting when the dealings done.
Congrats Clemson, you made lots of people's wishes come true!!!
keith malloy:
All I can say is what a classy guy much respect. He will be the greatest coach in college football. Him and Dabo are both classy and they both respect each other a lot great game both last years game and this game. Go Tigers!!!! And roll tide. Respect to Alabama fans.

    Clemson coach Dabo Swinney had already been drenched and his team was rushing the field in victory when the refs waived the teams off to review the onside kick by Clemson with one second left. Players from both benches were trying to leave the sidelines. Fans were ready to swarm the field. It was a very confusing scene.