Watch chaotic scene as Nick Saban attempted to seek out Dabo Swinney

>>Alabama Crimson Tide on>>Watch chaotic scene as Nick Saban attempted to seek out Dabo Swinney
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BamBam Bammer:
Ok let's clear the air here. first congrats to Dabo and Clemson on a great
season. second. the last play was illegal. it was a pick. the WR did not
block the guy covering the WR that caught the football. But he did block
his guy before the pass was completed across the line of scrimmage. If the
ball had been thrown behind the line of scrimmage it would have been legal.
But it was not. that being said. that is not what beat Bama. what beat them
was 0 for 12 on third downs in the second half. You can't keep dumping your
defense out there over and over and expect to win.
Saban is a class act. truly will go down as the greatest of all time
Bill Barnfappel:
the clock always runs out on one team or the other.
Carter Buchanan:
I'd like to see a clip of that last 5 mins when Clemson scored, then
Alabama came back and scored and then the ending. I hope fans for either
side were not bailing early to "get ahead of traffic" and miss the best
part of the whole game. Nail biter of a game for sure. All I found was when
the Tide had the surprise loss to Auburn in 2013 after trying to kick a 57
yard field goal and the Auburn guy ran all the way across.
Chris Johnson:
100% pure class. Saban catches a lot of shit but he is a good man
Jack Taylor:
Saban looked "LOST" ....... Much like their vaulted defense for the last
parts of the game !
Jeff Allen:
all those police officers and no one has a radio?
Future rule maybe.... after the game coaches meet at the 50 yard line, lol!
Noel Dilbert:
probably had a 3 hr press conference about not findind Dabo...and why waste
good Police State Troopers on these stupid College they really
need a detail? waste of the good tax payers dollars...smfh
Dabo is a POS but Clemson won so good for them.
So Tired of Alabama, but that was Huge of Saban! GO HOKIES!
YB that's XL:
This is horrible.. Clemson coaches shouldve made it priority as Bama coach
did.Not celebrating..smh bc this was Sad to watch!
If Dabo had any class Nick Saban wouldn't have had to search him out.
You never count your money while you're sitting at the table, there will be
time enough for counting when the dealings done.
Congrats Clemson, you made lots of people's wishes come true!!!
I believe that Coach Saban did nothing more than his job by searching out
Coach Swinney, but for a team that is consistently known for winning, I
could see if he got lost in his emotions and just left the field. However
I'm glad to see that he didn't and I have much more respect for him and
their team by how he handled the loss and the days after. I listened to his
press co ferences and how he first talked about his team and then talked
about his respect for Dabo and Clemsons team. Best of luck to Alabama in
the future.

And maybe we'll see you soon for a best of 3.

- Clemson Student

    Clemson coach Dabo Swinney had already been drenched and his team was rushing the field in victory when the refs waived the teams off to review the onside kick by Clemson with one second left. Players from both benches were trying to leave the sidelines. Fans were ready to swarm the field. It was a very confusing scene.