Robert Bobroczky 7'7 Foot Tall Basketball Highlights Mix

>>College Hoops TV>>Robert Bobroczky 7'7 Foot Tall Basketball Highlights Mix
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1 9 7 0:
he wont go to the nba this guys to damn slow.
Cimersies: look at this guy called Tacko Fall he is 7'6 and how flexible he is comparing to Bobroczky. If they impact under the basket Bobroczky will break like match.
Dom Sims:
It’s not about hating on him. It’s realistic. He is frail. You runs like he can barely make it down the court and he’s literally the last one down. He’s 7’7 and 180lbs. His legs are the size of a five year old. He’s gonna get hurt in college and he won’t even make it off the bench if he does make it that far. He doesn’t dunk, has no power or finesse. He moves like my grandpa and he’s 92
Jason Parkins:
Looks do fragile like if you touch him hed break.. He can barely walk oh that poor thing. God bless him.
Jeric Atilano:
what happened to his neck and knees? he can't even run normally..but amazing man ur so tall
Joe Trump:
I'm wishing the best for this young man. I'm hoping the people around him, allow him to enjoy his youth, and allow him to be a kid.
I'm also hoping that they don't pump him up with drugs and steroids in an effort to fatten him up. M.Bol died before his 50th birthday......I wish this man a prosperous and long life. God bless him.
Katia Tornay - Thug Life:
he aint good for basketball.
too slow. too thin
Yea theres a reason he doesnt drive or dunk...
Rasheed Riley:
He needs to pick up his feet. He just scuttles up and down the court! Lol
Stefon Gabriel:
If he could build more mass and was more athletic he would be a force but as far as a career in basketball I think his chances are slim. NO pun intended!
He is not NBA material they will damage this guy he needs more weight.
Valerio Bertucci:
he need a lot more kcal, probably is better for his joints to have muscles to support those this way he can easily brake his ligaments
Reminds me of that southpark episode with Kyle Broflovski turning into this black basketballkid.
im superbatspiderman:
I didn't know slenderman has a son who can play basketball... mind blown!
lo-fi ROBOT Boy:
He looks awkward and fragile. One jump landed the wrong way and there go his legs.

    Robert Bobroczky 7'7 foot tall basketball highlights 2016 - 2017 mixtape. Robert Bobroczky dunk, bobróczky róbert training and game highlights and more from Romanian giant. Robert Bobroczky is the tallest basketball player in his age with great potential. Watch Robert Bobroczky 7'7 Foot Tall Basketball Highlights Mix and have fun!

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