Robert Bobroczky 7'7 Foot Tall Basketball Highlights Mix

>>College Hoops TV>>Robert Bobroczky 7'7 Foot Tall Basketball Highlights Mix
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AoS H:
imagine how dominant a team of 5 robs would be
Cimersies: look at this guy called Tacko Fall he is 7'6 and how flexible he is comparing to Bobroczky. If they impact under the basket Bobroczky will break like match.
Dom Sims:
It’s not about hating on him. It’s realistic. He is frail. You runs like he can barely make it down the court and he’s literally the last one down. He’s 7’7 and 180lbs. His legs are the size of a five year old. He’s gonna get hurt in college and he won’t even make it off the bench if he does make it that far. He doesn’t dunk, has no power or finesse. He moves like my grandpa and he’s 92
Jerzy Siewierski:
I hope he goes far. If he doesn’t he could always be an actor. Would be a perfect slenderman
LeNever B. Jordan:
Might as well focus on life after basketball because this dude ain't going nowhere. No big teams will take him. And he definitely could NOT play in the NBA. Forget about it.
Marc C:
In the NBA his nickname will be Mr.Glass. #Unbreakable
Patrick Casselman:
Dude he’s gonna need surgery on those knees real quick.
Uptowns Finest:
Shoots better than me its just hard to see him run
Van Dayton vlogs2:
I’ve got to see him play before
Vincent Kiraly:
Does not look very athletic.
But if the basketball thing does not pan out, there's a future for him in p*rno films if his other assets are as long as the rest of him.
YahYah Tazadaq:
He is not NBA material they will damage this guy he needs more weight.
im superbatspiderman:
I didn't know slenderman has a son who can play basketball... mind blown!
jalidav 1:
He's 16 and 7ft7, will probably grow to well over 8ft
kev hollywoodgamer:
He can make slender man a run 4 is money. Holy shit hes tall i always wanted 2 b over 7 feet tower over every1 but the challenges living in a migits world
Id rather be mugsy bogues than this dude. It hurts watching him run. Nice kid though.

    Robert Bobroczky 7'7 foot tall basketball highlights 2016 - 2017 mixtape. Robert Bobroczky dunk, bobróczky róbert training and game highlights and more from Romanian giant. Robert Bobroczky is the tallest basketball player in his age with great potential. Watch Robert Bobroczky 7'7 Foot Tall Basketball Highlights Mix and have fun!

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