Robert Bobroczky 7'7 Foot Tall Basketball Highlights Mix

>>College Hoops TV>>Robert Bobroczky 7'7 Foot Tall Basketball Highlights Mix
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Araon Really:
It looks like Mr Robert and his kids running around.
Coleman Jeter:
Still a better shot than lamelo ball haha
Deals On Wheels Auto Sales:
It does not seem fair to me people making promises to this young man about a future in basketball Obviously his HS coach does not care for the child because the only thing that interests him is to use it a bit but the child will not play a second in the MBA.
Eurostar 07:
This kid should become a 3pt specialist. Get the best shooting coaches to coach the hell out of his 3pt shot. If this guy can shoot as good as Steph Curry, his height will make him unstoppable even when guarded. He wont need to move much on offense.
Free Yourselves Globally Project Backup:
He is not gonna make it to the NBA neither is he gonna play in Euroleague. He is really slow, his movements all look awkward and is weak, he has no muscles. Maybe he could play in Great Britain or in Switzerland, much lower level of difficulty.
Someone is gonna break his legs
Nigga got a higher vertical than me. Help
Jake White:
I run just like that after I eat too much Indian food.
James Kelly:
Bro he's 15 at videos time most 15 year olds are this skinny I know I was he gained alot since
Jerome Yeh:
Lions Mane:
*Could you imagine Russell Westbrook dunking on this dude? He'd paralyze him from the neck down.*
b dc:
He obviously has Marfan syndrome
wtf this dude look like an alien when he run
ludovik r:
He should wrestle.Everyone would defeat him.
tayk crackin:
If this was 7 months ago in 2017 what's up with the camera quality

    Robert Bobroczky 7'7 foot tall basketball highlights 2016 - 2017 mixtape. Robert Bobroczky dunk, bobróczky róbert training and game highlights and more from Romanian giant. Robert Bobroczky is the tallest basketball player in his age with great potential. Watch Robert Bobroczky 7'7 Foot Tall Basketball Highlights Mix and have fun!

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