Florida Georgia Line "H.O.L.Y." Tegan Marie

>>Tegan Marie>>Florida Georgia Line "H.O.L.Y." Tegan Marie
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Allen Wilson:
I not Allen I am Shelby She got a beautiful voice
Andrew Santos:
your good and I wish I have your voice
Arizona Carson:
I love you you are my total and I would like you to sing soap or tag your it or dollhouse
Brittney Fisher:
Your the best 12 year old singer ever
She's a very pretty girl and a very good singer :3
Judy Bradford:
I love your voice it is so beautiful
Kailey Plumb:
o-my-gosh you sing so good. 😁😁😁
Lacy Clem:
now this might just be better than the original.....I love this one
Logan Truman:
goooood job liked this so much.
Rishika Garg:
So young, but so talented ! 😍
I want to sing like her, hitting those high notes effortlessly
I can sing them now, but it takes me to put in my strength and I still make it only about 70% of the time .
Tanner Rychtarik:
This girl is good she has has good voib mu couisim
kali new:
We're born the same day and almost the same year I'm born October 25th 2004
reble girl:
wow I could do that and so much more
wild golden_horse:
she should go to the voice or America gots talent when you get older
zoey love354:
this is best you just got a sub love itπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ