BAD BASKETBALL PART 1!! Fights Flagrants & Foul Play: High School Edition 100% SAVAGE

>>CRUSH EVRYTHNG>>BAD BASKETBALL PART 1!! Fights Flagrants & Foul Play: High School Edition 100% SAVAGE
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Axe REne:
Y do black ppl act like everybody scared of them??? Lol
Bill Blaskey:
Send them all to marine boot camp
Creative Writing Tutor:
#20 Purple starting from the baseline at 10:10 cracks me up. :)
Garick Brown:
Tupac would’ve had a gun.....😂
George Edmond:
Why do official allow kids to talk so much bs to each other and call each other niggers? They learn to be aggressive and unsportsmanlike and disrespectful from a young age. Standing over a player on the ground is cowardly. Why encourage cowardice to kids-only produces fake tough guys with no real balls. Seems odd that’s all.
Jerry Torres:
Tech for taunting...problem solved
Lex Luther:
ever heard of speed demons.....well there are sports demons as well....
This basketball or the gayest haircut competition?
Paul L:
How is it that those in charge of these leagues don’t actually take charge and end this stuff.

In the leagues I played in, 98% of these fouls and trash talking would have been met with and the very least a technical.

Taught us to act like civilized humans and to play the game. I’m not going to make it like tempers didn’t flare at times...shoot, it’s competition, but the adults need to take over and train these young men.
Robert Bowman:
Sad sports once got you out of the streets. Shame from prep to public, pro to amateur the piss poor attitude and conduct of some athletes these days.
Thatboybeebs 56:
11:49 any KU basketball fans is that Malik Newman
The Mouse:
After watching 50 games
White boys up 33-12 in fights. LMAO
#34 picked the wrong sport.. he should have chosen foot.. I mean sumo wrestling.
I blame most of this on the so called refs. The parents aren’t very good help either. Bust those ass a few times, make school to learn in not just sports.

    Compilation of boys high school basketball fights, trash talk, foul play, taunts, flagarants, etc.
Footage gathered from: HOOP JOURNEY

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