"Making Cops Laugh / Krispy Kreme Doughnuts" - Gabriel Iglesias - (From Hot & Fluffy)

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>"Making Cops Laugh / Krispy Kreme Doughnuts" - Gabriel Iglesias - (From Hot & Fluffy)
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China Blue:
😂😂😂😂😂😂I'm in tears
dieing of laughter right now i couldnt stop laughing until this wa sover
Loved that you did this "oldie" in Stockholm.
Stockholm loves you, and awaits your return.
Ian Werderitsch:
sooo funny it makes me feel like I'm going to pass out
James Wells:
as a fat dude myself I even think this is funny.
Joshua Brooks:
This guy is hysterically funny.
Lisa Blumenfeld:
this crap is funny😂😂😂😂
Mary Udomah:
Michael Lizarazu:
2:16 through 2:18 GOTTA LUV CRACK
Syntax Error:
"Fool, you see those stretch marks. Donuts 1996"
Yuki Ama Ama:
Drunk Off His ASS My Boyfriend Talking To Me I'm Like "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOUR GONNA GET Me PULLED OVER!!!" Sure enough Cop Gets mad.... He said "OK.... ma'am We have TWO cars involved so I need your license And registration." I look behind us a little Jeep with a women and a kid inside! I tell my boyfriend "Hand Me My Cop Killer CD!" I pop it in Cop TURNS AROUND And Starts DYING "AHHAHAHA!!" He comes back I turn it down he said "Hun.... You keep this tank under 100 You Have A Nice Night...." My Dumb Ass Boyfriend Said "Wait Wait WAIT!!!! Can I Keep My Crack At Least?" I'm freaking out Cop Comes Back "What Now?" He said "You heard me!" I go "officer may I handle him?" I wink he nods I drive him down to the county's Jail I say "If you EVER say That to a officer this is were your going!" He seems sobber now "YES MA'AM!!!" Funniest Damn Thing That Ever Happened To Me!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Yuri - Chan:
is so funny when you say "cause you can smell it"
josh omeara:
wish I found out about this guy sooner, I found out about him from wwe. I thought he was one of those shitty pop singers or rappers but he is funny as hell.
spidy_ boy_99:
fluffy will always be my favorite person forever if I'm sad about something I come and watch him and he makes me feel better I have alot of repeated for him and I would like to tell him in person thank you for making me laugh and thank you for all your work
xXkingcrew6023 Xx:
your middle eastern one is so funny of the prince

    Here is a clip about my friend Felipe making cops laugh from my Comedy Central special "Hot and Fluffy Comedy." Watch it and let me know what you think.

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