Athletic 6'3 SG Prentiss Hubb Shows Great Court Vision, Confidence & Crowd Wants To Slide Into DMs

>>IN THE LAB NEWS>>Athletic 6'3 SG Prentiss Hubb Shows Great Court Vision, Confidence & Crowd Wants To Slide Into DMs
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thinking it's a female turns out to be a nigga....... sus asf
Harris Cull:
Hervé Mbikay:
Wow... that beginning was gay as fuck
Isaac Gull:
Honestly he looks super tall! 6'3" I'm almost 6'3, I didn't no I look that tall
Kaibaboi 1:
HAHAHHAHAHAHA 2:00 im dead bruh
Eh, I've seen better. We all have
shout out to the dmv well DC and PG
Oprah SideNiga:
At 2:10 I would've whooped his ass for shoving Forarm
Shawn Herron:
You need check out Elijah Johnson very athletic with crazy bounce @Armijo High and Vandell Shaw defensive anchor lil guy who plays big @ Fairfield high school
Shawn Orelien:
Prolly was setting up his home girl or some
Yahawashi Coming Soon:
That caption on the thumbnail was the most attention grabber ever lol
paul Folorunso:
yo he was prolly talking bout the gurls sitting next to him liked him nd there in his dms so he adviced him to check em dms

    We'll start with the current offers: Baylor, Cincinnati, George Mason, Georgetown, Maryland, Marquette, Memphis, South Carolina State, Towson, USC, Villanova, Virginia, Wakeforest & Xavier.

Okay, Prentiss Hubb sees the court very well. He'll understand where the open man is, rotation on defense & when his shot opens up. Very confident player, Hubb is always down for a mental battle with whoever is on the other team.