Pitch Perfect - Titanium (Lyrics) 1080pHD

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Ashiyaniña Sinogaya:
full video please.... wanna watch it again..
A meme with a black guy instant of this weird woman singing the song xD
JuniorCraft 06:
Am i the only one who wants to sing with them?
Kim Taehyung:
Anna Kendrick love u us voice is good
Lidiah. Kerubo:
I don't like this...I actually love this...u guys killed it....
Mary chris Namikazee:
But when me and my best friend sing- well😂😂😂
Natascha #1:
Roxy Ysabelle:
Everyone: This is amazing!
Me: She showers with make-up.
Salazar Slytherin:
0:06 two people are in the same 🚿 stall
This comment section is absolute dog shite 😂
analiza zoe:
So,they have some "things" at their boobs and... amm..more down..but whats with their 'bootys'?
iiiPanda Girl:
They’re voices are gorgeous 😱❤️
little eazy:
I feel bad for the guy who was in the shower with chloe he was enjoying himself and as soon as becca started singing he was ditched
max citroen:
Beer diminish east nose carve real slam dismiss promotion entirely honor developer.
0:34 .. Okay that was creepy seriously.

    Pitch Perfect - Titanium (Lyrics) 1080pHD