Pitch Perfect - Titanium (Lyrics) 1080pHD

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Aalyssa Loverso:
For some reason I though this was gay...

Alecsander V:
Actually my voice sounds really good in the bathroom
Aniya Means:
bro that was soo good I need me a partner who can sing the part with me😅
Ashton Hughes:
"Dude, no, GET OUT!" Favorite line
Athena de Jesus:
Thats nice when they are singing together
Awesome Pet:
Jeez they sounded amazing harmonizing
Danyel Brewer:
Yo I hit the tenor harmony while listening to this and we were lit🔥🔥
DragonLord 915:
They both are 😍😍 amazing singers
Javier Hernandez:
The meme that was made is amazing
Linnet Stevens:
Heck yeah! You girls rock! Though srysly red, u creepy.
Malena Montalvo:
I love itttttttt 😍😍🙌🏻
Maliah Johnson:
I'm adishining to sing and I'm singing this song
Mika Spilioti:
This video has birthday today💙🎉🍰
Rosalie Wielemans:
The smile at the end tho😂😂😂
kateh x:
i love how chloe just opened the bathroom curtain without asking lmao

    Pitch Perfect - Titanium (Lyrics) 1080pHD