Chicken fried-Zac brown band lyrics

>>mrtheluckybucket>>Chicken fried-Zac brown band lyrics
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20Tim3 12Spac3:
That Koala Tho LOL nice vid keep it up
This guy really like bk chicken fries enough to make a song?
Abbi Darby:
this makes me think of my Dad
Asia C Level And:
I'm here for the violin solo <3 the song is lovely too but that solo C=
it's great.
Carter Bonds:
they played this song at my school dance and it reminded me of going out in
the woods with my dad
Chris H:
White people like fried chicken 🤔hmm 😂😂
Hannah Downey:
wtf... a kahwala I'm so confused.
Hannah Strong:
this was mine and my dad song
Joke Molina:
This is my favorite sound because when me and my dad are together we sing
it to make the harsh times into a better time I always tear happy tears
because I love him so much ❤️u dad
Mackenzie Cooper:
this is my fav song of all time
Real patriots tear up at 2:38
That koala inspires me *a tear drops down my cheek
Sami Irish:
This song always reminds of growing up on a hobby farm in the middle of
nowhere and running around with the horses and through the cornfields, or
going to bonfires with the family friends who lived the next road over. Aw
man, I miss that so much!! So much has changed, but this song hasn't,
thankfully <3
Tean Murray:
I'm still a kid this is my favorite song ever
mighty mouse vlogs:
this song reminds me when I was just a little baby till I was like 5 me and
my dad Always listened to this song and I'm sad cuz my dad and mom broke up
and now when ever I listen to this song is ball my eye out cuz I miss him
living with me 😭😭 this was our song 😭

    Our first lyric vid! :)enjoy
I do NOT own this music. Music an lyrics belong to the zac brown band.