Chicken fried-Zac brown band lyrics

>>mrtheluckybucket>>Chicken fried-Zac brown band lyrics
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Aniaha Medellin:
Like dis if you are listening on -2017- :3
Argin Suresh 2:
theres a koala there cause they like their ckicken fried so i answered the question
Bennatt Almeida:
I'm brazilian, but i really love country music, sounds so good, i feel so happy
Brandi Hess:
i fell in love with this song when i was little
Erin Prince:
pew pew pew I like this song cause I'm a country girl
GalaxyRox Girl:
When my sister was in the hospital I played this song and I saw a huge smile upon her face and she started humming.
Jasmine Amaya:
Michael Phelps and The US team carpool karaoke brought me here
Jay Ricci:
I’m a swimmer and at my swim meets they sometimes play this song on the radio. So many people go into tears. Salute the ones who died. Best part of the song.
Julie Field:
Did anyone realize he spelt love wrong at 2:02
Lee Travers:
SHUT UP ABOUT THE DANG KOALA bear like if you agree
Zark Muckerberg:
Song is good, lyrics are wrong. and the radio *up* not Ooohhhhh. Price tag on your *clothes*.
boss baby:
It's been a few years and the koala still fucking gets me.
my cuzen died and we sang this song its sad
durpy derp:
What if I prefer a pair of BDU's that fit just right?
shanon hawks:
my dad passed away a few years ago and this was his favorite song I'm 11 now so I was 8 when he died

    Our first lyric vid! :)enjoy
I do NOT own this music. Music an lyrics belong to the zac brown band.