Chicken fried-Zac brown band lyrics

>>mrtheluckybucket>>Chicken fried-Zac brown band lyrics
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Anthony A:
Sometimes when I'm at Fairs and Rodeo's and shit like that in San Antonio Texas and hear all these Country songs playing I wish I was "White" so I could comfortably be a "Cowboy" / Country type of guy lmao I see all those white dudes in Flannels, Jeans and Cowboy hats.
Awesome Sos Studioz:
Anyone else notice the weird laugh at the end?
Courtney Farley:
this is my grandpas favorite song but he can't listen to it bc he is gone I really miss him alot but he is still with me in my heart
Erica Jakobitz:
May freedom forever Flyyyyy. let it riiing
Gage Palmer:
Guys it honestly doesn't matter music is meant to bring people together so if you like the song; and you don't have to be american to like a country song. Other countries can like country music and if you think they can't then you are just trying to cause more hate among other people when we are already in a world filled with to much of it. If you don't like the song then ok you can express your opinion if you want but just don't try to ruin it for others. just let them like what music they like and you like what music you like.
Jaidyn Ivey:
well the koala loved Chicken. like if you agree
Jake Harris:
who else is looking down here for koala comments?
Jamie Pynn:
I love this that I hear it like 90 I love it. and you are so asome I love you
Jeffery Deroche:
I know every word to this song. I love country music especially George Strait songs.
Kirstin McNeal:
this is always gonna be mine & my dad's song💗
Lauryn Ziebarth:
Whats with the koala bear??????
Raquel Rodgers:
😂the hell i just saw a koala bear outta nowhere
Terry Profitt:
Good job bro. Amazing lyric video.
bob billder:
i love koala bears have you ever seen one in your back yard there mean do try to pet one
monty morris264800:
my mom thought this said baby I'm a chicken fry

    Our first lyric vid! :)enjoy
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