Julian Newman Vs Mani Love! Sick Moves

>>Tazn King>>Julian Newman Vs Mani Love! Sick Moves
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Alex P. Keaton:
1:13 hits Mani in the face with the ball? lil punk ass
Ethan Ortiz:
Julian would do way better. I bet he wasn't even trying..
James Stanley:
At 1:15 what dribble move was that I keep seeing it done
Javier Loera:
Julian and Jaden vs Curry and Westbrook
Marcos Rodriguez:
Julian Newman vs Michael Jordan
Mass Euro:
Ur not a good team if u use a lunch room as ur court
Mat Alex Tsang:
what was the song at the start of the video?
Pistol 8 Kev:
that moment when the short bball player is legit a midget
Roman Arzola:
lol this so funny but awesome! lol
This dude is like a real life cheeser
Sandra Brantley:
Julian was just a little kid that's the only reason why mani love won
Swantes dad:
1:13 the craziest shit i ever seen in my life
kc Tolentino:
Julian: I'm Lebron know boy!!!!
yoloright yolo:
Hey guys, could you pleasee tell me what the skill is at 1:13?
Julian Newman is way better then Miami love!!

    Julian Newman & Mani Love (Court Kingz) matched up this weekend in Orlando. Julian scored 25 points during Saturday's game at Colonial High. Mani scored 7 points & added several assists.