Shareef O'Neal VS Bol Bol PLAYOFF BATTLE! Mater Dei DESTROYS Crossroads in First Round FULL RECAP!

>>BallerVisions>>Shareef O'Neal VS Bol Bol PLAYOFF BATTLE! Mater Dei DESTROYS Crossroads in First Round FULL RECAP!
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GhostMode 310:
shareef point guard is the worst
Hip Hop:
Lil Asian kid couldn't guard nobody
Kevin Morrison:
the one kid number 3 on the red team he looks like he is only 12 years old.
Matthew Lee:
I thought shareef O’Neal was bol bol’s best friend
Mike Xiong:
Damn bruh, switch me in for the Asian kid. I gotchu, let me body him up and flip and make it look like a charge 😂
Preme Claude:
Who is the point guard 👌 he ballin
Seven Mill:
coach really...
coach really...
2018 coaches still have
the asian guy must be your son
are you only had 5 players..
do you not see whats going on..
clearly you need to substitute and change up your D.
and leave the Asian guy on the bench for now..
Stevie Ray All Day:
Please don't put the winner of the game when it just comes out 😫 I like knowing who isn't gonna win when I watch . Either way I still love your videos , just figure that would be cool 🙏🏼
add plus:
The crossroads are such a lengthy team
just Moh:
Looooooove basketball🏀🔥❤
marvin woodard:
They need to Quit babying Shareef Oneal. Let him finish growing up. He only crams butt naked. Has he gotten his 60 yet. He will make a better 6"8 guard. All the big money camps he has attended he should average 40. Joe Bryant didn't baby Kobe. It's a lot of weapons missing in his arsenal. Dont ruin him this early.
mike jones:
Looks a lot like the nba no defense
I’m taking #12 over Bol Bol to build my junior team
veli brown:
Some people do not when to quite, like that no.3 on the red uniform, he's so undersize, it's not funny.What chance does he have among all those giants.
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MERCH! ➡️ Mater Dei VS Crossroads CIF Playoffs round 1 FULL HIGHLIGHTS! Son's of legendary NBA Bigs go head to head!



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