LaMelo Ball vs Jaylen Hands! Battle of Future UCLA Point Guards at The Battlezone!

>>Ballislife West>>LaMelo Ball vs Jaylen Hands! Battle of Future UCLA Point Guards at The Battlezone!
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Ballislife West:
Watch Jaylen Hand's OFFICIAL senior year mixtape here:
Bluee Duckk:
Wtf lol hands, ball. These niggas sound like made up characters
Canonigo Erwin:
LAMELO ball.. move like.. stepen cury
Dominic Carter:
LaMelos spin move at 1:36 was perfection
Heather Beaver:
Lamelo is f ing sick for a sophomore are you serious? Wow, only thing u can say negative is have to take better shots then that moving onto college and the pros but still rediculous skill
Ibrahim Diallo:
Jaylen hands is just better than melo
Jerome Bradford II:
Lil homie gave a McDonald's all American 38 as a sophomore (really a freshman) and y'all say he won't be nice.......
Swiish_ Like_Ray:
i would pick jaylen hands over lamelo any day..smh...
So we got Hands, Ball, Sexton, Leaf and Battle yeah some unique names are up and coming into the basketball world.
people saying "look at #1 shove melo", put some respect on jaylens name boy. hypebeasts, smdh.
a hop:
He can get away with this shit in high school but if he plays like this in college or the nba he'll get wrecked.
where do they buy these last names lol lmbo thats toooo funny
lamello ball is going to be a bust..garbage to me..jaylen hands is a dogg
tht kid Hands is 🔥🔥nn damn lamelo 6'3? wtf
unknown identity:
4:27 now I know why this guy gets into fights with Collin saxton, must have been hella salty after lemelo was hitting them long range bombs lol dude has a bit of a temperament and a bit of a attitude problem but a great player has great potential.

    Jaylen Hands OFFICIAL Senior Year Mixtape! Watch Now Here:
Foothills Christian started out hot with a 12-0 run led by 4 three point baskets. Chino Hills did not get a basket until about 4 minutes into the first quarter by LaMelo Ball. At the end of the first half Foothills Christian led Chino Hills 42-36 led by Jaylen Hands 15 and teammate Van Ommering's 11. LaMelo Ball had 16 first half points while his brother LiAngelo Ball had 14. LaMelo and Hands Dazzled the crowd in the second half by going back and forth at one another. Ball hit a few NBA range 3-point baskets while Hands used his quickness and body control to draw fouls and score inside. The 2 combined for 69 points as LaMelo Finished with 38 points and Hands with 31. Brother LiAngelo Ball is just 2 days off a 72 point game and finished with a cool 28 as Chino Hills went on to win 90-73 in what was a very competitive game up until the last couple minutes.

Chino Hills will go on to play in the Championship game tomorrow at Corona Centennial High School @7.30pm