LaMelo Ball vs Jaylen Hands! Battle of Future UCLA Point Guards at The Battlezone!

>>Ballislife West>>LaMelo Ball vs Jaylen Hands! Battle of Future UCLA Point Guards at The Battlezone!
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1627 Interstate:
Jaylen Hands Gon B A Beast On The Next Level !!!!
Ben tae:
did anyone see jalen hitting lamelo at 4:28? #jellous
Bruno Stars:
what kind of a last name is hands? Were his ancestors drunk?
Jaylen Hands is better than Lamelo, just saying.
Eaglesfan _02:
4:27 jaylen look mad like he did it on purpose
Jacob Phillips:
Jaylen pulled some pussy shit at 4:28 somewhere around there. And lamelo is a good sport and did nothing about it. He's got a future. If jaylen keeps being cocky and acting tough and shit he ain't going nowhere. Just play the game of basketball, no need to act like a hard ass and push people. Pussy ass nigga.
Jersey Gaming:
Future Steph Curry And Westbrook
Jimmy Johnskn:
checked him at 4:27 Lol he mad. they both skinny though So idk why he checked him
Lamelo doesn't have Jaylen's athleticism. I don' think he has the potential to develop upon it either.
What's with these weird arse surnames? Ball and Hands?
For point guards there is very little passing
Nico Allen:
Damn I really liked Jaylen til he shoulder checked the fuck out of melo ... like you can check melo just bc he got a and one 3.. holy shit.
Rob Rigodon:
where was okongwu in this game?
Jaylen Hands better hands down😂
Hands is more athletic and the better allround player. Ball is too lazy to play defense. Don't understand the hype about this boy...

    Foothills Christian started out hot with a 12-0 run led by 4 three point baskets. Chino Hills did not get a basket until about 4 minutes into the first quarter by LaMelo Ball. At the end of the first half Foothills Christian led Chino Hills 42-36 led by Jaylen Hands 15 and teammate Van Ommering's 11. LaMelo Ball had 16 first half points while his brother LiAngelo Ball had 14. LaMelo and Hands Dazzled the crowd in the second half by going back and forth at one another. Ball hit a few NBA range 3-point baskets while Hands used his quickness and body control to draw fouls and score inside. The 2 combined for 69 points as LaMelo Finished with 38 points and Hands with 31. Brother LiAngelo Ball is just 2 days off a 72 point game and finished with a cool 28 as Chino Hills went on to win 90-73 in what was a very competitive game up until the last couple minutes.

Chino Hills will go on to play in the Championship game tomorrow at Corona Centennial High School @7.30pm