LaMelo Ball Shows Off Amazing Point Guard Ability!! Raw Footage Highlights

>>IN THE LAB Lifestyle>>LaMelo Ball Shows Off Amazing Point Guard Ability!! Raw Footage Highlights
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Burdette Highsmith:
he can hoop but he boring to watch he play with no energy
Cameron Felton:
One word... Game! This kid has... Game! Enough said. Future Steph Curry? I think yes!
Chupas C:
Weak sauce I'd block the shit out of him
Cornel Robinson:
I just realized he has Zion harmon's hairstyle (more or less).
Gnotic27 M:
My ass. Any kids would look good playing with bots. The opponents dont know the first thing about how to play basketball. Lammmme
James Jackson:
way overrated..... none if this was going on when they played top teams
Joshua Kwek:
What's the coach doing ?!!??? how the fuck is this allowed, inbound hailmarry and shit
Miguel Arias:
Training 7 days a week will make you like this. You got to eat, talk, sleep, and shit basketball. Big ups to Melo he makes himself unstoppable
Sam Malla:
A somewhat Stephen Curry's resemblance with his ball handling...Certainly has a bright future ahead of him !
Sour Deezl:
lol this is Curry's lil brother...
Vallens Duval:
One of the most overrated players I have ever seen, shoutout to his publicists.
Don't like his shooting form, but no doubt he's good
Lamelo look like gumby in that green uniform
kit p:
he sucks at dribbling, stick to what hes good at, passing and shooting.
uros nikolic:
lol he finaly has a nice loocking jumper

    The basketball ability this kid has right now is remarkable! And with the people that surround him right now, we can only see a bright future. Once LaMelo's body starts to fill in, it's over for anyone who tries to defend him one on one.


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