LaMelo Ball Shows Off Amazing Point Guard Ability!! Raw Footage Highlights

>>WhoGotNext>>LaMelo Ball Shows Off Amazing Point Guard Ability!! Raw Footage Highlights
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Burdette Highsmith:
he can hoop but he boring to watch he play with no energy
Cameron Felton:
One word... Game! This kid has... Game! Enough said. Future Steph Curry? I think yes!
Chupas C:
Weak sauce I'd block the shit out of him
Duck Mafia:
See....he's doing more than just shooting amazing 3's...
Gnotic27 M:
My ass. Any kids would look good playing with bots. The opponents dont know the first thing about how to play basketball. Lammmme
James Jackson:
way overrated..... none if this was going on when they played top teams
Joshua Kwek:
What's the coach doing ?!!??? how the fuck is this allowed, inbound hailmarry and shit
Pablo Mario:
The fact of the matter is is that no matter what y'all say in the comments he is still a dog and he is D1 bound and will only get better. People hate to see a nigga shine lol smh
Sam Malla:
A somewhat Stephen Curry's resemblance with his ball handling...Certainly has a bright future ahead of him !
Sour Deezl:
lol this is Curry's lil brother...
lol he finaly has a nice loocking jumper
Vallens Duval:
One of the most overrated players I have ever seen, shoutout to his publicists.
Don't like his shooting form, but no doubt he's good
Lamelo look like gumby in that green uniform
kit p:
he sucks at dribbling, stick to what hes good at, passing and shooting.

    The basketball ability this kid has right now is remarkable! And with the people that surround him right now, we can only see a bright future. Once LaMelo's body starts to fill in, it's over for anyone who tries to defend him one on one.


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