White Dude Hits High Note at Apollo Theater on Amateur Night - "Reasons"

>>BrooklynCelluloid>>White Dude Hits High Note at Apollo Theater on Amateur Night - "Reasons"
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The funny part about this performance was the guy was not only amazing but I also realize the singer Ashanti before she rose to stardom was an audience member in the crowd.
Adam Luckey:
Even if I was a super ignorant/racist black dude, I think I would still have trouble not jamming out to this guy's excellent voice.
A Lot of Jealous Racist Shines in the Audience, that didn't even clap, They just folded their arms, Shines are Shines ! Fuck Em .
You can tell they want him to fail so bad, but he doesn't, and they begrudgingly acknowledge he did ok at the end.
Ed hernandez:
got to give credit where credit is due this white boy can sing
Elih Sifuentes:
Which Season and episode is this from?
Great song choice for the Apollo but he's not a great singer but he felt it & I guess that can carry you through.
Fo Reel:
You guys know you love the "Whitey did good at the Apollo" Youtube video series
Jewell Foster:
the only Italian in New Jersey without big balls. Lol
Rod Sapyta:
Great job my young brother. O. G.1
He can sang! I'm not hating lol
Shantoria Laprade:
boy u better sing.with your white chocolate self yessss honey
Shayla Brewer:
I remember watching this episode lol miss those days
Tay Roman:
Ashanti was there the night the Fugees Performed not sure if this is the same night
mind games:
anybody else see young ashanti @ 1:00 into the vid

    White Dude sings cover of "Reasons" by Earth Wind and Fire on Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater.