Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher

>>ChrisBrownVEVO>>Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher
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Chris Brown feat. Usher & Gucci Mane,Party,R&B,RCA Records Label

Addy Hahn:
I love the song Freaky Friday please do another song that be
Adyson Pilgrim:
Chris Brown knows how to dance good
Alexiya Lofton:
Why does the girl in the beginning look like jhene akiko LOL XD
Andy Dany:
This my fav song of all time for two years now. #teambreezy most loyal fan base ever
Arnette Dunbar:
Was that ayo and teo😀😀😀😀
Bianca Mitchell:
Wait Gucci look different he used to be fat and his voice waiting he a clone I'm dead Gucci grave
Felipa Villarreal:
I am in love with Chris brown 😘😘😘
Hot Fresh New Music:
😳2018 anyone😳??I know am not alone?!😜 Wheres my #2018MusicSquad 😍
Jung HyeSun:
I Likeee the dance and the music soo muchhh
Michael De Jesus:
2:20 - 2:25 Chris Brown and his crew moves so smooth🔥
Nyomi Whitted:
He still got it then again he never lost it.
Saniya Saulny:
this is my brother's favorite song and I like it too I'm far away so it reminds me of my brother because he listens to this song a lot
Shaun Davis:
Chris brown I'm am your number one gan
Yahia Fatima:
Nasri Msaaaazertchat 3idkom Allah
devansh raj:
Dance+music+talent= complete song

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