TigerNet.com - Dabo Swinney on national anthem: "I hate to see what is going on in our country"

>>Tigernetdotcom>>TigerNet.com - Dabo Swinney on national anthem: "I hate to see what is going on in our country"
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B Cain:
Amen Dabo! I'm with you all the way.
Beau Parrish:
"Love your neighbor, as you love yourself"

"Attitude, work ethic, love, and respect for others holds no color"

"There is a better way to address legitimate concerns, that people need to
talk about and discuss, how you improve, and hold people accountable for
wrongful acts, period. Sin is sin, wrong is wrong, doesn't matter who is
doing it"

"The intent is sincere, because there are problems... but that method
creates more of a divide..."

We need to bridge the divide, not create a barrier of separation.

This makes me want to wear Orange and white full time, Dabo, you are a
class act. We need more of you in this world!!!
I am a Gamecock, and I agree wholeheartedly with everything Dabo said in
this conference. We have a sin problem in this country and sinning bigger
through riots, looting, stealing, and vengeance only fans into flame race
relations for the worse and causes more problems. There are many, MANY
better ways to deal with the remaining problems, but we cannot ignore the
monumental progress that has been made either. Thank you Dabo for not being
afraid to speak your mind and speak from the heart. You are a good
man...even if you are a Clemson Tiger. ;-)
David Scholl:
By arguing that society should stop arguing, Dabo Swinney has started an
Have Faith:
Dabo Swinny is now my favorite coach.
Mark Crowder:
This is why I love Dabo Swinney.
Mark Miller:
Christian or not, how can you argue with what the man has to say?
Ronnie Guest:
We need more DABO SWINNEYS, a real man, A LEADER that's making a positive
Sandy F:
Hearing this has made me like him more. I agree!
Talented Tenth:
This was a decent speech by Dabo.
William Cola:
Basically he said stand for anthem regardless of the situation going in our
nation. Which Dabo is a fucking jackass.
Zeke Ohan:
Hopefully now people will hear and remember "how" man should live in this
world. I love that his accomplishments on the field will clear the path for
his message to become a national and global indoctrination! Thank you
Jesus!! You do the same with your connections. Be thankful as we remember
that their IS more GOOD than evil in our world. Preach Brother Sweeney; and
preach on with your undeniable love. Thank you sir. Ohan - '87 / '88
shine onya:
there you have it folks Life Through The Eyes of a white man in America
The same people who keep bringing up MLK are the same people who killed
Native America Indians have been treat worse than any race. When European
immigrants came to this country , they, WE are the illegal immigrants!!! My
grand mother was a full blooded Cherokee. Back in the 80's when The Dukes
Of Hazzard was so popular, I told my kids and others that the Confederate
Flag is part of American History, but it represents hate and fear to Black
people just as the Nazi Flag affects the Jewish people. You don't see
Native Americans doing protests to the shame and humiliation that they had
to endure.