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>>Tigernetdotcom>>TigerNet.com - Dabo Swinney on national anthem: "I hate to see what is going on in our country"
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AmadeuX Pro:
All these people bashing him well he's the champ so if you ask him a question accept his answer. He's absolutely correct about the university setting that guys when representing a university are not on there time. Sin problem is absolutely right.
David Scholl:
By arguing that society should stop arguing, Dabo Swinney has started an argument.
Erik Larsen:
This is one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard on Christian love and a correct sense of living in community with one another. Thank you coach Swinney for being a man of faith and integrity and being willing to eloquently give voice to your beliefs publicly. In the toxic era in which we live it takes real courage to say the things you said with passion and compassion and then be willing to suffer the slings and arrows by the same public you are defending.
Fred Smith:
I had no idea he was this kind of man.. I'm an Auburn fan but very impressed and thank God for people high in the culture who can push back against the "machine media narrative."
Have Faith:
Dabo Swinny is now my favorite coach.
Liam Ivy:
Mark 12:30-31New International Version (NIV)

30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”
Mark Crowder:
This is why I love Dabo Swinney.
Matthew Krieg:
The media does a good job at only reporting bad stuff. I bet the ratio of good report and bad news report is 85:1. We only see the sickness, and when you arent our and about in the community frequently, all you know is that the world is a dangerous place.
Ronnie Guest:
We need more DABO SWINNEYS, a real man, A LEADER that's making a positive difference!!!
Sandy B:
Hearing this has made me like him more. I agree!
You have players that children look up to! So a child should look up to a player that turns his back on America a player that takes a knee for his hate filled Sharia killing Mohammed, players now throw up their arms for black"power" when they hit & knock down whites! So keep doing it and when it gets bad we will see one another in the street!
MLK was an adulterer. Not much of a man if you ask me.
Martin Luther King didnt believe in Jesus. Why? His speeches as a preacher would reflect that. King died for protesting, so thats the example to every black man trying to change things. Nothing change for us, just a bandaid. If your leader is a devil, you gonna get a devilish environment. THINK ABOUT IT!
Zeke Ohan:
Hopefully now people will hear and remember "how" man should live in this world. I love that his accomplishments on the field will clear the path for his message to become a national and global indoctrination! Thank you Jesus!! You do the same with your connections. Be thankful as we remember that their IS more GOOD than evil in our world. Preach Brother Sweeney; and preach on with your undeniable love. Thank you sir. Ohan - '87 / '88
arthur hogan:
Dabo Swinney, boomer esiason, mike Ditka, tony larusa all opened their big mouths about this issue. Ditka even saying that Capernick should leave this country if he doesn't like it here. A well known radio show here in Chicago even echoed his', ditkas'
statement; WLUP. None of these guys even knew that there was a verse in the national anthem about slavery; or, that francis scott keye was racist. And yet, there are and were black players on the teams that helped contribute to their fame and legacies.
Every white person in America has heard some racist rant by people of their on race. And some of these rants came from
friends and even family members. before they start going after a guy like colin kapernick, they should ask themselves how
many times they chastised a friend or buddy for putting down someone who is black and American. I remember singing  the
national anthem from, say at least six years of age . When I came up, there were white teachers who would have forbade us
from singing this song had they known this ugly verse existed in this nations song. I said white teachers. The verse has been deleted as far as I know. This is some crap that should have been brought up by this countries law makers years ago when it
was first discovered. I'm sure they, or someone in Washington knew it was there. I never liked the song in it's musical form
anyway. it is not attractive as a solo; and like so many others, I would have wanted America the Beautifle as our national
anthem. Also, this is the second time Boomer Esiason has stuck his nose in back peoples business;

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