Colin Cowherd responds to Dabo Swinney calling him a fraud | THE HERD

>>Colin Cowherd>>Colin Cowherd responds to Dabo Swinney calling him a fraud | THE HERD
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14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left:
''''not only is Cowherd a fraud, so is Bammie and Saban''''....................Dabo
Artful Dodger:
Just like every other Troll on the Internet, the more controversial the comment the more attention you get and the News Media invented it..."The gullible are ripe for the taking" Congrat's you got noticed..
B.L. Hunnicutt:
you're a waste of oxygen! which single A tech team in CT did you play as waterboy!
Chris H:
Cowherd's problem is that while he is a fan and more knowledgeable than most being a sports writer, football is not his forte. I trust his opinion on basketball a lot more, he understands basketball on a more fundamental level and less subject to influence . The truth is that the media still has that old Big Ten, SEC bias and he allows himself to be influenced by it. The ACC is a conference currently on the rise and a lot of those Clemson games were against opponents that are underrated by the sports media. Look at what the ACC has done out of conference and in bowl games and it shows the conference is truely becoming a power in football, but the media is stuck in the same old Big Ten vs SEC narrative. Watching the games and understanding football I would say that the ACC and SEC are currently the two best conferences with the Big Ten pulling in third. The Big Ten while it has improved in recent years is still weak past the top four teams, the PAC twelve is underrated but still lacks the imposing linemen that you get in the Big Ten, SEC, ACC, the Big Twelve is a shell of what it used to be. The SEC had a down year and isn't at it's usual level but still is a beast of conference but it better watch out because the ACC is really starting show that it's a formatible conference in its own right.
Colin Cowherd:
What do you think of Dabo's comments?
Craig Wade:
Colin Coward doesn't no anything about sports. he's always wrong and his lack of knowledge is y he isn't on espn any longer. he's never played sports and think he can give a opinion about it. makes no sense y he even has a sports talk show. this is the main reason y this world is all about who u no and no what u no
Jaredpaul05 ':
Cowherd the truth is you made an uneducated disrespectful comment and you were wrong.
Jeremy Floyd:
I just looked at him and I don't like em
Joe Epps:
punish youI THINK YOU PUNISHED YOURSELF RUNNING THAT COWHERD MOUTH . Wrong homework maybe you need the cheat sheet.
Mike Tidbits:
predicting a loss is different than calling people frauds. if he predicted them to lose dabo wouldnt have called him out.
Sake Bobombs:
Hats off to Clemson for the win and Colin for owning up, respect!
This is why the college playoff is good for college football. Losing 1 game or almost losing 1 game shouldn't make or break your season. Clemson earned this title.
The Eric:
You are the biggest narcissist. Probably a notch below Trump b/c no one can surpass his ego but you're up there. You refuse to admit the comment so you deflect. Wow.
I'm just confused is to how he can call us frauds when it takes literally 5 minutes to look at the history an records the past 5 to 6 seasons and the teams we've beaten (when it truly matters) an you call us frauds ? It's lazy , an Steve Smith said it best, He should be ashamed , to be in a position in the media an have a platform as Cowerd does an to bash a team that has won 10 plus ball games in more consecutive seasons an beat the who's who of football for the last 5 years with repeat appearances in the National Title game an to win one of those ? The ONLY team in college to be on par with clemson is alabama , everyone else ain't even damn close but , keep on hating , That's what us Tigers feed off of..
Why does Cowherd always try to punish the wrong team in most cases?

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