Colin Cowherd responds to Dabo Swinney calling him a fraud | THE HERD

>>The Herd with Colin Cowherd>>Colin Cowherd responds to Dabo Swinney calling him a fraud | THE HERD
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Andrew Craft:
Ohio State 2018 National Champions!!
Cliff The Stiff:
Colin apologize to Dabo and "man up'.
Eli Boyce:
Clemson gets zero respect even when we win the national championship and this guy needs to shut up cause I don’t see him working his tail off and beating Bama
Ian and Emma Tucker:
Dabo didn't punish you. He called you out. It was a shameful thing you said about those young men who showed great character on the field. They always show great dignity on the field.
Joel Oberholzer:
I love how the media gets mad when they are held accountable for things they say.
Pedro Valentin:
Oh and don’t forget #PhillyFans
Clemson only got Watson they got lucky they went to the playoffs
Ricky Brannon:
who cares about this idiot cowherd. cowherd? what kind of name is cowherd?
The Herd with Colin Cowherd:
What do you think of Dabo's comments?
Just watched this for the first time and now you have 1 more fan of your Show. Excellent way to handle being called out. That is how TRUE MEAN handle resolution!!!!
Vanik Statik:
Kristine is an absolute beauty of a woman. wow
To call a team a fraud after they have proven over and over again on the field they are for real is a statement of total ignorance and of a fraud.......Selah
All Dabo did was validate Colin and help his ratings.When you’ve just one a National
title ,and you find it appropriate to rip a radio host, that reveals you as petty and childish.
Thanks for the motivation, Colin.
He also said Malzahn would own saban

    Hear what Colin Cowherd had to say on his show after Dabo Swinney called him a fraud in his press conference after beating Alabama in the National Championship game.
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Colin Cowherd responds to Dabo Swinney calling him a fraud | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd: