"No Cussing at Home" | Gabriel Iglesias - I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>"No Cussing at Home" | Gabriel Iglesias - I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry
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Big Dipper123:
Hey fluff master I was wondering if u could do a small favor for me shout me out on a couple seconds long video and put the link in your description I just a small time comedian mr. Fluff master
Claudia Basulto:
Hola Gabriel, te escribo este mensaje porque vendras para Portland Oregon en Abril. Mi hijo de 8 años te adora y sabe todas tus bromas, hace referencia a ellas TODO el tiempo! y gracias a ello el quiere ser comediante cuando cresca. Me gusatria pedirte si cuando vengas pudieses saludarlo o por lo menos mencionar su nombre el se llama "Luis Basulto" Gracias por todas las risas que has brindado a Mi hijo y la felicidad para mi como madre a el ver a mi hijo reir. 😍😍😍😍😍
Jair Morales:
"What am I going to do him that is worse than what he just did to himself."
Jeremiah Daniels:
very funny I watched all your movies
Jheeva Prakaash:
it was published on my birthday
I hate when your making a HUGE sandwich and your like 101% excited and you go into the refrigerator to grab like ketchup or something and then you hear a plate hit the ground and you look and your dog is eating that sandwich
Luxus Remix:
Service's. What the hell is he talking about
Pure Sugar:
Fluffy 💕 Great Comedian 💕
The South Side Brothers:
Ur HILARIOUS FLUFFY I LOVE U MAN hey and uh what does that Spanish word mean
The little lost kid 102:
When will he come to Milwaukee :/
I was feeling down and you cheered me up! Thank you fluffy.
andrew cervino:
gabriel iglesias- the one p3erson who makes my day awesomeeeeeeee
emma gaze:
dude i'm trying to find the cameo u did on a talk show when Enrique was there, u made some awesome jokes and I can't find the bluddy thing!! Please help!!!
hwa523ca Gaming:
Gabriel Iglesias makes everything better!
john caringer:
He will be at pala casino soon totally going I think in may!

    Frankie knows he can't cuss at home... Well, MOST of the time! Here's a sneak peek from my new special, "I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry!" Catch it worldwide, only on Netflix! Watch it here: http://nflx.it/2hQmnZW