Darius Rucker - So I Sang (Acoustic)

>>DariusRuckerVEVO>>Darius Rucker - So I Sang (Acoustic)
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Alter Ego:
just sing. thats all you ever need to do. thank you
excellent i love it it sounds similar to a mellow let her cry a bit
Christine Mader:
Thanks 😉🇦🇹
God bless you
Erica Generous:
Life wouldn't be so heartbreaking if it weren't so beautiful, and songs like this wouldn't touch so many hearts, if we weren't all so blessed to be here just listening to it at this moment. Thank God
JFK5* Kennedy:
I'm definitely glad he did he has a lovely voice and hopefully continues to make more like this/,,/
Linkn 216:
Darius Rucker is the Jackie Robinson of our age. Young Af-Am men listen up! Society needs you and not what you are expected to be. Have the courage to follow that path and leave behind those who would misguide you. God bless you all.
His lyrics are so relatable and his voice is golden.
Melquiades Estrada:
Darius Rucker, I am so proud of you. I remember when the band tanked, I could've cried for you when you did the Burger King commercials, was pleasantly surprised when you went country. I saw you doing whatever it took to stay in the business. Your heart and your honesty shine through in everything you do - and THOSE are the reasons why this old redneck biker guy spends his money on your albums and lends them to encourage more fans. Keep on keepin' on!
never heard this play on the air. I say its his best song. Although his new one is also very good.
Rodney Brown:
Shit, I can clearly make out the words. Not like some of this rap trap crap! Dirt for down under
Scherry Grace:
It is Well with my soul.....amen...Beautiful ...
Tips Toes:
Amazing the man has a very moving voice!
dean joseph:
How come you never see another black person in any of Darius videos? Kenny Chesney is the biggest selling country aritis of all time and he has black people in most of his videos, juast asking.
Why have I never heard this song on the radio???? I love it!
Darius i wish i could meet you so i can learn from the master

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