Darius Rucker - So I Sang (Acoustic)

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Alan McC:
Love the song Rivers Rutherford version too they wrote a great one but the editing in this video is woeful all the guitars are out of time and cuts badly from one to another
AnDean AnDean:
Rucker is a wonderful singer - songwriter. I love it!
Christine Brown:
I have never seen this until today, so beautiful.His voice is incredible. Made me cry, he is so awesome. Class act. Mom did good..........wow
Dianne Knott:
Beautiful song I love it ND everything Darius sings awesome amazing singer Number one singer love you Darius Rucker
Electrical Bolt Shocker:
Thanks Darius this is what I do when I'm bully ed God bless you and yall
Jackie Smith:
Lawdy that gets me! 😢 Keep up the great work! You have a gift!
Jennifer Lawson:
This song hits home for me right now because my dad is the one who loved to hear me sing. My dad passed away on August 8th, 2017 and it's been hard, but this song is one of my comfort songs for me to get through the day. So when I was in the 10th grade, I had my first solo on stage. I didn't know if my dad was going to be there or not, but I found out later he was. He said that I did beautifully and I didn't look like I had stage fright at all. He knew what to say and I just wish he was here now for me to sing to him.
listened to the lyrics very close and i got instant chills
Karen Sherman:
Thank goodness for YouTube because the radio stations in my area hardly ever play Darius music (even when I call in and request) but then when they do they tend to play the same o'l 'Rock Me' song.
Kendi Furushima:
Darius is the best...one of the most beautiful voices I´ve ever heard
Kevin Kirberger:
My mom got sepsis and died in 5 days. Just like that...she was gone. I sang "It is Well" at her funeral. I miss her so much. But every time I hear that song, I think of her and sing. Sometimes it's all we can do.
Mert Stokes:
1st time I heard this song I was sitting in my bedroom changing channels on my TV the song was saying this song remind me so much of my mom I love From Baltimore
Psalm 122:6 S:
This song gives me peace, all the way into my heart~
Red Feathers Farm #ReggaeInfused420Lifestyle:
Where can I get this version. So much better than the studio version. Blessings
Shane Sarsfield:
This sounds kinda like Brad Paisley whiskey lullaby

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Music video by Darius Rucker performing So I Sang. (C) 2015 Capitol Records Nashville