"Chocolate Cake Shake" | Gabriel Iglesias - I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry

>>Gabriel Iglesias>>"Chocolate Cake Shake" | Gabriel Iglesias - I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry
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DA MotoNeko:
I actually thought they were gonna make it out of a real piece of chocolate
cake =w=
David Welsh:
... and the 81 thumbs down are from people who think George Lopez is a hero
for being the only celeb to leave when he said he would if Trump won....

This is hilarious. lol
I need to try this Chocolate Cake Shake
Greenbean Casserole:
"You know, Narcos? The one that kills all the latinos?" Oh shit wait,
Netflix is streaming my special. "But it's entertaining!" Lol 😂
Jeremy Slack:
Damnit that noooo part has been stuck in my head for the past week
Josh Davis:
Doesnt he always wear hawaiin shirts?
Omg I love him! I'm from Chicago and I love Portillo's! And that shake is
amazing haha
Michael Coutu:
Hey fluffy we just made our own homemade chocolate cake shake and it was
the BOMB. We just a couple of kids who love good food at thanks bro. Keep
on joking 
Sammy Loo (sportyBLUEeyes28):
they are so good! soon as you start drinking it you can't stop, its
Tsuko “Aiko” Dreemurr:
Gotta get myself one of these Chocolate Cake Shakes
Uncle Crusty:
Since i couldn't go to Chicago, i just went to the store and got some
ingredients to make this. It might not be as good as the kind served in
Chicago, but, i swear, my nipples have never been harder.
Just got Fluffified....Cheers Bro!!!
proper death:
how come we never see his bae
sasukes girl:
love your movie its hilarious
Željko Malešević:
Dude i love your shows, you are king of stand up comedy !

    You haven't lived until you've had a chocolate cake shake! Here's a sneak peek from my new special, "I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry!" Catch it worldwide, only on Netflix! -- Watch it here: http://nflx.it/2hQmnZW